Ready Office

Freestanding and reconfigurable components create scalable, agile workstations made ready for the offices of today and tomorrow.

Designed to give users freedom to move throughout the day. Ready Office uses a rail system to deliver power and data to height-adjustable desks. Storage includes a modular Work Island and mobile storage for individuals and teamwork. Most importantly, it's a easy as 1-2-3.

1. Choose Your Desk

Featuring Watson's same robust structural design and cable management features found in our other lines, the Ready Office desk has a new tapered foot and allows you to choose from standard rectangle desks as well as 120 degree designs.

2. Choose your Rail

Ready Office is built on the Bahn rail system that brings power to the desks. Using a new starter and adder, the rail can grow and flex as needs change.

3. Choose your Storage

In addition to the mobile storage options available for individual users, Ready Office also features the unique Work Island for versatile team storage.

Built to Last

Ready Office’s durable materials and robust construction have been rigorously tested by our Quality Assurance team and are backed by a lifetime warranty.