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Take a Virtual Tour of our NeoCon 2017 Showroom

Four minute read June 21, 2017

This year's NeoCon showroom highlighted all the ways in which we help designers create empowered workplaces. By combining delightful form + function, choice + adaptability, and materials that matter, Watson products actually make an impact on the way you work.

The thoughtful details included in our compact Zo Sidecar made enough of an impact to earn it a Best of NeoCon award, which we proudly displayed for thousands of attendees. While we had them in the showroom, we were also able to debut an exciting new product line that complements and enhances our existing pieces.

If you weren't at the show or if you just want to fall in love all over again, now you can explore our empowered office virtually. Check out this album for photography and video of the Watson 2017 NeoCon showroom and all it had to offer.

Click the image above or view the album HERE.

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