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Watson | Award-Winning Design

6 mins December 2, 2021

For more than 50 years Watson has designed and built revolutionary and award-winning workplace solutions for some of the most dynamic and innovative companies.

At Watson it’s all about the details and personal touches. From unique design elements and sustainable materials to the way we build and deliver our products, you’ll see the Watson difference. We aren’t furniture assemblers; we turn design concepts and raw materials into finished products entirely under one roof to ensure you get the right solution made for your space. 

Watson has won many awards for the way we manufacture our products and the design that drives them. 


NeoCon is the leading tradeshow for commercial design. In the last decade, Watson has won 11 Best of NeoCon awards. Most notably, Watson was the first company to win five NeoCon Gold Awards in a single year for Haven and C9 Trolley in 2021.  

2021 - GOLD | Furniture, Benches | Haven Recharge Bench
2021 - GOLD | Furniture, Collections for Collaboration | Haven
2021 - GOLD | Furniture, Conference Room Furniture | Haven
2021 - GOLD | Furniture, Tables Communal | Haven
2021 - GOLD | Furniture, Storage | C9 Trolley
2019 - GOLD | Furniture, Systems & Enhancements | Edison Rail
2019 - GOLD | Height Adjustable Tables | C9 Desk
2019 - SILVER | Office Accessories | C9 Cart & Garage
2018 - GOLD | Height Adjustable Tables | Tia
2017 - SILVER | Files and Mobile Storage | Zo Sidecar
2001 - GOLD | Computer Support Furniture | Solo Cart

Performance Awards

You can find Watson furniture in the offices of many big-name brands like Boeing. Out of over 13,000 vendors for Boeing, Watson was given Boeing's Performance Excellence Award for many years running and also was named Boeing's Supplier of the Year for Environmental Excellence in 2017. 

Boeing Supplier of the Year - Environmental Excellence

Boeing Performance Excellence Award
2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Environmental Awards

Here at Watson we take design conceptions and raw materials and turn them into finished products entirely under one roof. We have full control over the manufacturing process and actively find ways to minimize negative environmental impacts and continually reflect on how we can be better stewards. 

Washington State Governors Award  - Sustainable Practices and Pollution Prevention (2003)
Association of Washington Business Environmental Excellence Award (2005)
GSA Evergreen Award (2006)
Five Star Rating in the Western Washington EnviroStars Program (2011)
Washington Green 50 (2011)
Washington State Manufacturer of the Year Award (2012)
Boeing Supplier of the Year - Environmental Excellence (2017)

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