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5 Tips to Bring Comfort To Your Workplace

Tired of feeling fatigued and fidgety after working for hours on a project? Or feeling distracted as you sit in your beige-walled cubicle staring at spreadsheets? What if your workspace could be a comfortable, inviting place that encourages creativity rather than stifling it?

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Bending Space

Bending Space: How to Build a Scalable Office

As our work lives evolve, our office spaces need to evolve too. No longer are office designs confined to defined spaces for individual people, departments, and teams. Workspaces are moving to flexible, fluid layouts engineered to encourage team collaboration, and transitional need-based spaces.

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The Visual Journey of C9 at NeoCon 2019

Each year, Watson attends NeoCon to launch their most progressive office furniture design systems to the world. Held every June at The Mart in Chicago since 1969, NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation—offering ideas and introductions that shape the future of design.

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Bringing Color to Your Office

Do you ever notice your mood shift when you walk inside a room? Whether it’s a dentist, salon, or your office, the colors you are surrounded by can make or break your experience. Guide yourself using this information to choose colors to enhance your comfort, productivity, and work environment.

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