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Supporting Good Ergonomics with Modern Height Adjustable Office Furniture

Offices have changed a lot over the years, and furniture has changed as well. As technology evolves, the importance of maintaining proper ergonomics and posture is increasingly critical. Learn more about how adjustable office furniture can help you achieve a healthy work environment.

4 Min Read


Designing a Clean Workspace: Cable Management Ideas for the Open Office

The contemporary open office work environment has to fulfill a plethora of needs, from function to comfort. Some offices offer employees more traditional, permanent workstations, while others opt for a high degree of mobility, and need a more creative workspace model.

6 Min Read


VSP Global Offices - NYC

For their new Manhattan location, VSP Global, one of the world’s leading eyewear and eye care providers, tasked Kostow Greenwood Architects to design their NYC innovation lab that focuses on developing technologies for the physical and digital aspects of eyewear and eye care.

Four minute read


Cirrus 10 Incorporates Dynamic Design In New High-Rise Location

Cirrus 10, a Seattle e-Commerce consulting firm, knew its new downtown high-rise location deserved a modern, visually interesting design. Miro desks and tables, Seven workbenches plus Bahn and ZO storage components helped achieve just that, with functionality and thoughtful details for a delightful user experience. Broderick Architects worked with Cirrus 10 to select "a darker & visually dynamic palette for the spaces more frequently visited by guests (waiting area, conference room, and partner offices) and a more vibrant and uplifting palette for the other spaces (work areas, small offices, meeting rooms, and employee lounge).”

Four minute read

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