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DELVE | APRIL 2021: Celebrating Craftsmanship

Built From Scratch — Celebrating the Art of Craftsmanship With Watson

4 Min Read

iPrivScreens-016_All silouettes

Privacy Screens for the Flexible & Open Office Design

Open office spaces have gone from being all the rage to a hotly debated topic, as more and more attention is paid to their lack of privacy. Our designers at Watson Furniture have worked to alleviate the negative aspects of open offices while preserving the benefits.

4 Min Read

Gensler Denver

Designs that last: Environmentally Responsible Office Furniture

Watson is honored to be named the 2017 Supplier of the Year Environmental Award from Boeing. We are proud to say that our environmental program and leadership have set us apart from more than 13,000 other active suppliers.

3 Min Read

Modern Office Furniture from Watson

Supporting Good Ergonomics with Modern Height Adjustable Office Furniture

Offices have changed a lot over the years, and furniture has changed as well. As technology evolves, the importance of maintaining proper ergonomics and posture is increasingly critical. Learn more about how adjustable office furniture can help you achieve a healthy work environment.

4 Min Read

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