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The Essential Desk

Learn all about the Essential Desk, the culmination of decades designing and improving height-adjustable desks and workstations that prioritize the individual.

10 Minutes


5 Tips to Bring Comfort To Your Workplace

Tired of feeling fatigued and fidgety after working for hours on a project? Or feeling distracted as you sit in your beige-walled cubicle staring at spreadsheets? What if your workspace could be a comfortable, inviting place that encourages creativity rather than stifling it?

5 Min Read


DELVE | APRIL 2021: Celebrating Craftsmanship

Built From Scratch — Celebrating the Art of Craftsmanship With Watson

4 Min Read

iPrivScreens-016_All silouettes

Privacy Screens for the Flexible & Open Office Design

Open office spaces have gone from being all the rage to a hotly debated topic, as more and more attention is paid to their lack of privacy. Our designers at Watson Furniture have worked to alleviate the negative aspects of open offices while preserving the benefits.

4 Min Read

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