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THUMBNAIL C9 The Human Office

Watson C9: The Human Office

The C9 Rail is a power, voice, and data delivery system that is sleek in design and revolutionary in its function. When less density is required, the C9 Rail can pivot to provide occupants with greater enclosure and expansive sight-lines while simultaneously minimizing the health risk of face-to-face interactions. When the time comes to increase density in the office, straightening the rail allows for more occupants without the need to increase power, voice, and data infrastructure, all while maintaining recommended distancing guidelines.

8 min


VSP Global Offices - NYC

For their new Manhattan location, VSP Global, one of the world’s leading eyewear and eye care providers, tasked Kostow Greenwood Architects to design their NYC innovation lab that focuses on developing technologies for the physical and digital aspects of eyewear and eye care.

Four minute read

Productivity 1

Five Tips for Staying Productive in the Open Office

There’s a lot to love about an optimized open office. The setup can promote collaboration, communication and innovation at fast-paced companies, and provide a perfect physical space for organizations that have strong virtual components to their operations. Tech companies in particular – including Apple, whose new $5 billion headquarters is designed around open-concept seating – are often strong proponents of the idea.

Five minute read


Open Office: Meet Compact Storage

All the function. Compact form.

Three minute read

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