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Take a Virtual Tour of our NeoCon 2017 Showroom

This year's NeoCon showroom highlighted all the ways in which we help designers create empowered workplaces. By combining delightful form + function, choice + adaptability, and materials that matter, Watson products actually make an impact on the way you work.

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Chasing Serendipity — From Wall-less Cubicles to Activity Based Working

Watch an old movie from the 1940s that features an office and you’re likely to see what looks like an open office concept: rows and rows of desks, typewriters clacking away, no walls in sight. Were the office designers of the 40s ahead of their time? Don’t be confused: that open office concept (complete with the all-seeing boss in a raised, glass-walled office) is from an era when a more adversarial supervisor/employee relationship existed. Today, modern office design actively seeks to nurture trust and productivity—to create partnerships and a sense of ownership. In the past few decades, executives responsible for workplace productivity have been innovating in office design and office furniture. Workspaces have evolved from wall-less cubicles to concepts like hot desking and hoteling … and into even more ambitious concepts like activity based working (ABW), which can incorporate multiple design philosophies. So how did we get here?

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Striking a Successful Balance with Choice in Office Design

It’s no secret that the workforce of today is quite a bit different than those of the past. This is especially true for “knowledge workers,” the majority of whom tend to find themselves working in an office of some kind, often in front of a computer.

Four minute read

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Haven: Settings That Bring Us Together

The workplace is rapidly changing with the increase in remote and hybrid work. But what about those moments of organic and spontaneous interactions that only happen in-person? Oftentimes, problems aren’t solved in planned ways, but as a result of impromptu conversations.

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