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Thrive-Private Office-M2

Thrive Digital - Vancouver BC

Thrive Digital is a performance marketing agency that plans, implements and optimizes online advertising campaigns seen by millions of people around the world. Thrive partnered with Bidgood + Co to design their new office space in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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VSP Global Offices - NYC

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Cytracom's Dallas Office Gets an Energizing Update

Telecommunications provider, Cytracom, had recently outgrown its Dallas, TX headquarters and had secured a new, larger office space. They chose lauckgroup to help design the space in a way that would convey the company’s culture.

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Chris Kuchman

Behind the Scenes of Our New Product Launch: Designer Interview

We're thrilled to officially introduce Bahn Rail, Bahn Recycle Center, Pin Mobile Screens and Tonic Simple Media – four all-new additions to the Watson product family, designed to enhance the way real people work in offices. These products speak for themselves – adding functionality and thoughtful details you didn’t even know were missing from your workplace. But if you didn’t know what you were missing … who did? That’s Chris Kuchman, Design Engineer at Watson.

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Chasing Serendipity — From Wall-less Cubicles to Activity Based Working

Watch an old movie from the 1940s that features an office and you’re likely to see what looks like an open office concept: rows and rows of desks, typewriters clacking away, no walls in sight. Were the office designers of the 40s ahead of their time? Don’t be confused: that open office concept (complete with the all-seeing boss in a raised, glass-walled office) is from an era when a more adversarial supervisor/employee relationship existed. Today, modern office design actively seeks to nurture trust and productivity—to create partnerships and a sense of ownership. In the past few decades, executives responsible for workplace productivity have been innovating in office design and office furniture. Workspaces have evolved from wall-less cubicles to concepts like hot desking and hoteling … and into even more ambitious concepts like activity based working (ABW), which can incorporate multiple design philosophies. So how did we get here?

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