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5 Rising Architectural Firms Designing Innovative Office Spaces

Effective office design has so many benefits. It promotes employee creativity, conveys organization identity, and instills a sense of confidence in all who enter. While many offices are organized and professional, few go the extra mile and really seek to leave a lasting impression. The five following architectural firms do just that—and do so with flair, functionality, style, and heaps of creativity.

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The Role of Office Furniture in the Office Redesign Process

The Role of Office Furniture in the Office Redesign Process

With any office redesign plan, there are typically a number of different factors to be considered, all of which play key roles in determining the end result. Of course the objectives of the redesign project are the starting point. Once the objective is clear, designers have a variety of “levers” that can be pulled to achieve those objectives. Design elements such as windows, skylights and partitions can have a big influence on the look and feel of an office space, even if mostly on a subliminal level. Almost anything can be changed, but some elements are more malleable than others. Among the more malleable elements is Office furniture, which surely deserves a spot on the list of influencing factors when approaching a redesign. But let’s take a step back for a moment.

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Haven: Settings That Bring Us Together

The workplace is rapidly changing with the increase in remote and hybrid work. But what about those moments of organic and spontaneous interactions that only happen in-person? Oftentimes, problems aren’t solved in planned ways, but as a result of impromptu conversations.

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