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Control Panel

Your desk just got better.

Because we know everyone's needs are different, we designed this desk to meet them all. With extended height adjustability, multiple control switch options, various surface shapes, an array of desk screens and accessories, and a generous selection of premium surface finishes and edge profiles, the Essential Desk is more than a place you work - it's a place that works for you.


Height Adjustable

Though also available in a fixed-height option, it was important to us that height adjustability be an integral part of the desk's design. The Essential Desk uses premium LINAK lifting components and comes available in two ranges to accommodate a more diverse set of needs and preferences.

Standard Range:  27" - 43.5"
Extended Range:  22" - 48.5" 


The Foot

We designed the foot to be tapered and as low profile as possible, helping reduce visual clutter and making the desk feel light without sacrificing any stability. This discreet profile means under desk storage neatly nests in without hassle.


Anti-Collision Technology

To ensure the desk, user, and the desk's surroundings are safe and protected, we include the LINAK Desk Sensor 1, an anti-collision solution that limits material damage to the desk or to an object that could otherwise be compromised while adjusting the desk's height.

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The Mobility Kit - Unplug The Desk

Spaces transform into agile work environments by optioning the Mobility Kit, complete with casters and a rechargeable battery pack to maintain height-adjustability while on-the-go. This is perfect for fluid teams and for those who want to reap the benefits of moving throughout their day.


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