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Welcome To The Forward Thinking Office

This year, our NeoCon showroom celebrates our philosophy of Soulful Design, a guiding practice that helps us make furniture for the forward thinking office. The forward thinking office isn't just a collection of rooms. It's a series of intentional experiences where many of us spend a sizable portion of our lives and where, we hope, people leave feeling proud of what they accomplished. So this year, our showroom exhibits that we make furniture we're proud of and that has a little piece of us built into it. That's Soulful Design. That's furniture for the forward thinking office. That's Watson.

What is Soulful Design?

Everything we do is guided by Soulful Design. This practice is defined by:

  • Function First: Our designs are guided by the functional needs of our clients, as well as the individuals who build them, the facilities and IT teams, and of course, the end-user.
  • Understated Beauty: Our products are defined by clean lines, distilled forms, and can stand the test of time because we don't bend to gimmicks or trends.
  • Built Respectfully: We use quality, responsible materials and practices that come together in a way that supports our colleagues on the manufacturing floor.

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