Privacy & Modesty

A range of high performing screens that add tackability, markerboard and visual privacy to virtually any worksurface.

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Privacy & Modesty

Universal privacy screens and modesty panels are compatible with all Watson worksurfaces which provides reconfiguration flexibility for agile environments. Choose tackable or writable surfaces to support team workstyles.

Seiri Privacy

The Seiri screen is defined by its precise geometry and ultra-functional utility tray.

privacy seiri

Pin Privacy

Universal Pin Screens are tackable and travel with the worksurface. Pair desk-mounted Pin Screens with Bahn Spine Screens in open office configurations.

privacy pin

Tak Privacy

Universal Tak screens provide the space for personlization and upholstery at the worksurface.

privacy tak

Jot Privacy

Jot boards are the perfect place for capturing notes, ideas and messages for the busy professional.

privacy jot

Modesty Screens

For private office applications, the frosted acrylic modesty provides security with a touch of elegance.

Privacy Modesty Detail
privacy modesty