C9 Rail

An open plan workstation featuring the most beautiful desk and a power rail system that works off the grid of traditional linear planning.

c9 rail

Creating a more human office

We designed C9 for real people who work best at their desk. To imagine a new furniture system, Watson explored the open plan for insights. The truth is, while the open plan works some of the time, privacy and focus are diminished. We studied enclosure and openness to understand how they influence individuals and teams. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning -- bending space, improving sightlines, and helping people to flow more organically.

A New Topography

The C9 Rail carries more than power to the people. The rail creates a new landscape topography. Modular by nature, the planter boxes, privacy screens, team tables, and neighborhood light define a truly bespoke workstation.

C9 rail

Bending Space to People

C9 lets designers and planners create unique layouts tailored to the specific needs of a given individual and team. These workspace pods can be mirrored, daisy-chained, flipped, rotated, and repeated to create office environments that feel familiar, yet distinctly different.

C9 rail

Privacy & Space Division

Tackable screens, markerboards, planter boxes, and shelving mount directly into the Rail to delineate workstations and add function to the office landscape.

  • Portrait and Landscape screens
  • Markerboards
  • Workshelves
  • Planter boxes
  • Rail Round table and Team table
  • Work Tools for personal organization
c9 rail
c9 rail

Starter/ adder logic

Starter/adder modularity meets UL standard for 4 circuit power and quickly connects between segments. The Rail provides either 4 or 8 receptacles per user and provides needed cable management, cable stowage, and bending capability from 0 to 90 degrees in either direction.

C9 rail

Sliding Cable Modesty

  • Conceals all visible plug heads
  • Panel raises and lowers with spring assist
  • Distinct raceways for power and data cables
C9 rail
Ethan Pearl

Meet the System Designer

Driven by curiosity and guided by empathy for the end user, Ethan thrives on difficult challenges. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He shares his passion for sustainability with his C9 System collaborators at Watson.

Ethan Pearl

The Orchard Product Innovation Studio, Poulsbo, WA