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Edison Junior

A New Angle on Office Layouts 

Edison is the premier power, voice, and data rail system that bends to complement your layout. The Junior model's light profile and design gives users direct access to power outlets while facilitating cable management with integrated dividers all housed behind a sleek steel panel.


The modular nature of Edison gives you endless layout potential. Workstations can be mirrored, flipped, rotated, repeated, and easily reconfigured. Further customize your design with Edison’s unique selection of rail-mounted work surfaces and accessories.


  • Bendable rail segments create unlimited layout flexibility.
  • Intuitive starter/adder specification logic.
  • 4-circuit 8-wire power system, UL 1286 listed.
  • Power options: either 4 or 8 power outlets, plus 2 data outlets.
  • Starter segment can accept power infeed from either floor or ceiling.
  • Cables pass through the pivot-point between rail segments without pinching. 
  • Optional perforated steel cable management basket for heavier cabling needs.
  • Continuous channel along top of rail for mounting Edison accessories .
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Light design and profile with direct access to power outlets.


Perforated or sheet steel rail panel.


Integrated cable dividers for easy cable management.


Optional steel cable basket for heavier cabling needs.

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Edison Junior Rail

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