Edison Rail

Break the Rules, Bend the Rail

Break free from restrictive grids and traditional linear planning with Edison, unlocking the ability to lay out an office like never before. This power, voice, and data rail can be rearranged by anyone, to any angle from zero-to-ninety degrees, through pivoting the mid-leg between each rail segment. This modularity allows teams to continually flex their workstations to fit changing needs without disruption and without facilities.


The modular nature of the Edison Rail lets you create a vibe that feels as familiar or as different as you like. Workstations can be mirrored, flipped, rotated, repeated, and easily rearranged, so nothing slows you down, even when changes come up.


  • Bendable rail segments create unique layouts
  • Intuitive starter/adder specification logic
  • 4-circuit 8-wire power system, UL 1286 listed 
  • Power options: Choose either 4 or 8 power outlets, plus 2 data per user
  • Starter segment can accept power infeed from either floor or ceiling
  • Cables pass through bending rail joints without pinching 
  • Continuous channel along top of rail for mounting accessories 
  • All rail accessories are compatible with either Edison Junior or Senior 


Edison Junior

  • Lighter profile design with direct access to power outlets
  • Perforated or sheet steel magnetic rail panel


Edison Junior

  • Integrated cable dividers for facilities wiring
  • Steel cable basket to house excess cables


Edison Senior

  • High capacity cable management system with lowered modesty height
  • Fabric or laminate sliding modesty panel


Edison Senior

  • Concealed wire management behind sliding modesty panel
  • Power and data run in separate channels

Statement of Line

Edison Junior Rail

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Edison Senior Rail

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Edison Rail Accessories

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Edison Rail Tables

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Edison Rail Tools

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