M2 Desks

Space-efficient shapes and storage-supported surfaces.

m2 desks

Efficient Open Space

Inside or outside the cubicle, M2 supported by Zo storage offers smart solutions for compact workspaces. Height and depth logic are dimensionally consistent with virtually all panel systems.

Keep an Open Mind

M2's space-efficient shapes and storage-supported surfaces allow workstations to expand and contract as facilities needs and requirements change.

m2 desks come in space-efficient shapes

Floating Storage

Storage supported worksurfaces improve space and cost efficiencies.

m2 desks floating storage

End-to-end Flexibility

M2 surfaces using a credenza support bracket may be repositioned along the length of the credenza from one end to the other.

m2 desks flexibility

Things Are Shaping Up

M2 carries the logic and design of Miro into the open plan with shapes for a wide variety of workstations.

m2 desks shapes