Seven Desks

Scalable adjustability and patented non-handed performance with comprehensive shape and finish options.

Seven Height Adjustable Desks

The Watson Adjustable Desk

Seven's adjustable desk collection features a slim leg design, low profile foot and a hidden utility beam. The optional patented Surface Interlock Assembly enables the worksurface to flip, removing handedness from the equation.

Raise Your Expectations

Seven offers a wide range of base options, with a consistent appearance across the range of fixed, notch, crank and electric.

Seven Height Adjustable Desks

Power At Your Fingertips

Seven Electric offers both a standard 27-46" range of adjustability or an extended 22 - 48" adjustment range meeting BIFMA sit-to-stand requirements.

Seven Desks, Adjustability
Seven Height Adjustable Desks, Power

Seamless Appearance

Verve worksurfaces form expansive work areas using a two piece top with a single base to replace conventional three desk combinations.

Seven Height Adjustable Desks, Seamless Appearance

Universal Handedness

Concern over handed inventory is a thing of the past. Asymmetric shapes can be specified with Watson's patented Surface Interlock Assembly, allowing left handed shapes to become right, and vice versa.

Seven Height Adjustable Desks, Universal Handedness

Seven Shapes

Seven's worksurfaces are designed for active work environments of all sizes.

Seven Height Adjustable Desks, 7 Shapes