Tonic Conference Table

Inspired by collaborative conversations between strangers in Amsterdam cafes, the Tonic Conference Table is designed to help people connect.

Tonic Conference Table

A Place to Connect

The clean, modern design of the Tonic Bench carried into conference applications. �A� line, inset legs allow for 360 degree seating capabilities.

Finishes That Thrill

35 standard laminate finishes, 19 powdercoat colors and 6 edge profiles to choose from - all standard. Watson provides an extensive palette for choice and flexibility.

Tonic Conference Tables Finishes

The Difference Is in the Details

It isn�t just the 1-1/8� worksurface thickness and 12-guage, recycled steel yoke that makes Tonic strong and durable, but also the way we engineered it for optimal strength to weight ratio.

Tonic Conference Table details