Tonic Simple Table

A collection of small tables that celebrate innovation.

Tonic Simple Table

Smart Meeting Solutions

Complement your workspace with an assortment of meeting tables in square, rectangular and round shapes. With Media Fast displays, whiteboard center surfaces and power module drop-in options, Tonic Simple Tables add inspiration and utility.

Please Pass the Idea

Inspired by shared dining, the Tonic Simple Table draws a crowd. The full markerboard surface and rotating center fuses utility and motion, boosting creative idea sharing for teams.

Tonic Simple Tables

Tech Friendly

Give technology a seat at the table. A universal clamp on Media Display turns any meeting table into a tech-ready innovation hub. The built in cable box and cable management clamp cleanly route data and power beneath the table.

Tech Friendly Tonic Simple Tables

Tonic Shapes

Table sizes range from 48" up to 96" in a single surface. Drop in power modules provide up to 6 user power receptacles.

Tonic Simple Tables come in different sizes