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The way we work has changed, and the demand for flexibility in space and furniture is greater than ever. 

The Edison Rail is a better way to experience the office. This rail can be rearranged by anyone, at any angle. Its revolutionary design pivots the mid-leg between each rail segment without disrupting its power and data capacity. This flexibility allows for complete design freedom, even as space or number of workstations change. 

Edison Video

Why Bend the Rail?


When your peripheral vision is filled with too much movement, it's hard to do your best work. Bending the rail by even a slight margin reduces the movement in your peripheral vision while improving sightlines, productivity, and morale.  


      Your workstation is your anchor, and it should be the place you're most comfortable. With the Edison Rail you're able to create a layout that opens your vision beyond the back of someone's head which provides better privacy and comfort. In utilizing the array of rail accessories, you also improve the organic exchange of information and ideas.


        Density is crucial to office planning, and with the Edison rail you don't have to choose between density and distancing. Bending the rail increases the distance between people without increasing the overall footprint of the furniture. With a variety of screens, plants, and storage, you can create a highly personalized space without sacrificing density requirements. 

          WEB ProspectRefuge
          Bending the Rail Breaks the Rules

          With the Edison Rail there are endless configurations to suit any space and number of workstations. Tweaking linear benching by even just a few degrees will change sightlines and adds an approachable feel. 

          Creativity is rarely linear, and now the office doesn't have to be either. 

          Watson Floorplan New Linear ISO SQUARE

          The New Linear

          In a traditional linear floorplan density requirements supersede the user experience. But bending the rail just 15 degrees throughout a run, maintains density requirements, and provides an approachable aesthetic and improved sightlines.

          Watson Floorplan New Linear PLAN VIEW SQUARE

          The New Linear

          Never again compromise design or function with the new linear plan. When using the Edison Rail, both are achievable simultaneously.

          Watson Floorplan New Linear HUMAN PERSP SQUARE

          The New Linear

          This 15 degree bend accommodates the same amount of workstations as a traditional linear layout. However, the new linear feels approachable and comfortable, and is more conducive to creativity.

          Watson Floorplan New Perpendicular ISO SQUARE

          The New Perpendicular

          Adding a few bends to a typical perpendicular layout provides personal space to the user while adding pockets of collaboration to make work more relaxing and efficient.

          Watson Floorplan New Perpendicular PLAN VIEW SQUARE

          The New Perpendicular

          The added flexibility with the new perpendicular gives the user more opportunity to share collaborative ideas and create essential solutions.

          Watson Floorplan New Perpendicular HUMAN PERSP SQUARE

          The New Perpendicular

          Bending the rail 45 degrees only removes 30% of the workstations in this new perpendicular layout, but adds a "playful" feel and endless ways for collaborative ideas to be shared.

          Watson Floorplan U Shape ISO SQUARE

          The Freedom to Plan

          More than ever before, the Edison Rail gives you the freedom to plan a layout that's best for the users and the space.

          Watson Floorplan U Shape PLAN VIEW SQUARE

          The Freedom to Plan

          The more you bend the Edison Rail the more flexibility you create in your layout, giving you a full freedom to plan.

          Watson Floorplan U Shape HUMAN PERSP SQUARE

          The Freedom to Plan

          The Edison Rail can bend anywhere between 0-90 degrees in both directions giving you the ultimate flexibility to bend your layout and break the rules.

          The Freedom to Personalize

          The best designs focus on the needs of the individuals. That's why the Edison Rail works with an array of Watson products that will not only highlight the design, but also enhance the functionality of the workstation. Personalization can be done at the user and team level making the Edison Rail look and feel different in each unique space. 

          A Riser Desk is a perfect solution to an adaptable office. It can be mounted onto the Edison Rail in a perpendicular or parallel fashion, while accommodating a screen in any orientation.  

          WEB Riser Desk
          With the Edison Rail the collaborative opportunities are endless. Rail-mounted tables provide visual variety and opportunities to share ideas between workstations. The flexibility of the design layout also creates pockets for hoteling, collaborative projects, or casual meetings. 
          WEB Collab 2
          Screens provide refuge, but also functionality. From fabric, markerboard, or clear acrylic, there are a variety of textures and sizes to provide function and a diverse topography. Additionally, a rail-mounted planter box provides not only privacy, but adds biophilic design elements. 
          WEB Privacy
          Work is more efficient with the right tools. With the Edison Rail you can mount tables, lamps, and work shelves directly to the rail. Accessories can be personalized by each user through mounting a personal shelf, paper tray, tech stand, and more directly onto the screen. 
          WEB Accessories
          The C9 Trolley is a mobile, locking, storage station for files, equipment, or personal items. It has a steel tray that lifts up and out into the perfect side tray for your desk, and the tray doubles as a handle to pull the trolley. With an integrated fabric seat, the C9 Trolley is a great solution for hoteling workstations or a place to pull-up a chair for an impromptu chat. 
          WEB Trolley
          The C9 Cart & Garage is a locking, personalized storage system. With non-handed shelves, hooks, and file access that slide out from the garage, it is a storage solution that adds privacy and function. You can add extra tools with a slatted steel screen on top to fit additional tools and C9 accessories. 
          WEB CartGarage 2
          A Rail that Scales

          With the options to choose between the Junior and Senior Rail, your design freedom just got more flexible. 

          Use Edison Junior for settings with lighter cabling needs or add the steel cable basket to easily handle all your cabling requirements. Scale up with Edison Senior for a hidden cable management solution that provides concealment with ample room for your cables. 

          All rail accessories work across both platforms.

          Edison Junior

          Edison Senior

          Innovating the Rail

          The rail is a familiar feature in office design strategy. Watson envisioned the open and flexible office in 1964, and we have been innovating ever since. 

          We've always been ahead of the curve with office innovations and products. 

          Break the rules with us. 

          Explore how the revolutionary Edison Rail can give you the freedom to plan. 

          Start Your Project

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