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Honoring our Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, we want to thank all of our Watson employees who have served in the military.

2 mins


Social Distancing and the Open Plan

Employers and their teams are facing a new reality, one that requires different behaviors and protocols. How we plan our workspaces could be a race back to the cubicle, or we can try a more human-centered approach and bend space to people.

6 min

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Privacy Screens for the Flexible & Open Office Design

Open office spaces have gone from being all the rage to a hotly debated topic, as more and more attention is paid to their lack of privacy. Our designers at Watson Furniture have worked to alleviate the negative aspects of open offices while preserving the benefits.

4 Min Read


C9 - Behind the Scenes Q&A

Watson is excited to launch our all-new C9 desk, an innovative solution to evolving office needs. the C9 system was introduced at NeoCon 2019, where it won gold in its category. The revolutionary new system brings a new level of flexibility, perfect for the modern office.

3 Min Read

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