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Celebrating A New Global Partnership with Sedus Stoll AG

Cooperation is a crucial and amazing aspect of the human experience. It's an important factor that has enabled us to succeed as a species, and it's important not to take it for granted. It allows us to combine our individual skills, knowledge, and perspectives to achieve common goals that would be challenging to accomplish alone. 

At Watson, we acknowledge that successful design demands an intrinsically empathetic approach, utilizing communication, partnership, and curiosity to combine the functionality and beauty that is inherent in our products. Our track record for developing award-winning products stems from our desire to work with a diverse range of partners and viewpoints to create designs that speak to all.

As we look to the future of cooperation and collaboration, we are excited to announce a new global partnership with Sedus Stoll AG, a well-established manufacturer of office solutions in Europe with a long history of quality craftsmanship and design. Founded in Southern Germany in 1871, Sedus has earned a reputation for its commitment to sustainability, design integrity, and corporate responsibility.

CLif and Ulf Sedus Page
Clif McKenzie, CEO of Watson Furniture (Left) and Daniel Kittner, Director of Technology & Development, Sales, Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG (right)

We discovered a kindred spirit in Sedus after years of admiring each other’s products from afar and learned that our similarities extended far beyond design. Based on a common commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and responsibility to both past and future generations, we naturally began to ask how we could collaborate. This eventually led us to formalize a partnership at Orgatec, the international trade fair for the European office sector, in 2022.

So, what does this partnership mean for our customers? In short, it allows us to bring more amazing products to the US market. Where it makes sense, we will license some of Sedus’ designs and re-engineer them to meet US power, technology, and durability requirements. These will be manufactured in our Pacific Northwest Factory, beginning with Sedus' system of meeting and conference tables called Mastermind, which the industry can expect to see in our showroom at NeoCon 2023.

For Sedus, the partnership means that we will serve as the US base for Sedus' global accounts, providing seamless service and a mix of offerings from both companies to those customers. Where there are gaps in both of our product catalogs, we will design new ones together, combining our experiences in the US and Europe to continue our trend of creating functionally beautiful office furniture.

We're thrilled to see what a partnership with such a storied company unlocks in design, creativity, and diversity of experience. This partnership is just the beginning, and we can't wait to see what's next.

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