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Cirrus 10 Incorporates Dynamic Design In New High-Rise Location

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Cirrus 10, a Seattle e-Commerce consulting firm, knew its new downtown high-rise location deserved a modern, visually interesting design. Miro desks and tables, Seven workbenches plus Bahn and ZO storage components helped achieve just that, with functionality and thoughtful details for a delightful user experience. Broderick Architects worked with Cirrus 10 to select "a darker & visually dynamic palette for the spaces more frequently visited by guests (waiting area, conference room, and partner offices) and a more vibrant and uplifting palette for the other spaces (work areas, small offices, meeting rooms, and employee lounge).”

Executive offices:
Miro desks and Miro storage

Project at a glance

Challenge: Craft a professional, contemporary vibe in its new 3,700 sq. ft. downtown Seattle high-rise space, rather than just another typical “Class A” office.

Solution: Tables, desks, storage components and workstations from Watson’s Bahn, Miro and Seven lines allowed the team to create a functional and visually interesting space free of typical office trappings like heavy mahogany desks in partner offices.

Industry: e-Commerce

Team: Designer – Broderick Architects; Dealer – Catalyst Workplace Activation

"We created a distinctive material palette depending on the space: the partners' offices, waiting area and conference room all have more 'executive' finishes, whereas the small meeting areas and the workstations have more simplified finishes."

Genevieve Therioakes, Architect

Cirrus 10 "wanted to steer clear of the furniture options and material palette you see in typical Class A office buildings," Therioakes said.

See how Watson worked with the design team to create two distrinctive materials palettes for the new Cirrus 10 office space:

b_Cirrus10_2 (1)
Entry and waiting area: Special height Miro tables

"I liked that we could coordinate the large conference room and the adjacent waiting area: the mini Miro table in the waiting area echoes the Miro conference table."

Genevieve Therioakes, Architect

Conference room: Miro Conference table with Fenix laminate and special power in surface

"Cirrus 10 really liked Watson's unique black Fenix laminate option, the contemporary look of the knife edge, and the triangular Miro table base."

Genevieve Therioakes, Architect

Offices: Miro desks with Zo storage
Open office: Seven workbench with special power in the surface and Bahn storage towers
Meeting rooms: Seven meeting tables
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