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Designs that last: Environmentally Responsible Office Furniture

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Watson is honored to be named the 2017 Supplier of the Year Environmental Award from Boeing. We are proud to say that our environmental program and leadership have set us apart from more than 13,000 other active suppliers.

Supplying the World’s Greenest Commercial Building

Watson is dedicated to paying attention to the details, especially in the area of sustainability. All our products meet the highest environmental standards, helping to not only protect the environment but help make your office a safe environment that is a joy to be in.

The Bullitt Foundation, known for having the greenest commercial building in the world recognized Watson’s standout performance. Watson’s NAF and PVC free furniture took the industry by storm, being chosen as the only manufacturer to supply the first tenants furniture at the Bullitt Center in Seattle.

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Environmentally Friendly Office Furniture

Awareness of product materials is no longer enough in the world of sustainability. Companies must start well before product sourcing and materials, transforming all parts of their business, including a product’s afterlife, to reduce any possible negative impact. Starting with their own green facilities, Watson’s commitment to environmental ethics permeates their business from start to finish.

Watson’s facilities have been reworked to provide a greener way of operating. We gather and form all unused dust and wood shavings into briquettes, giving these waste products a second life as biomass fuel for a local paper mill. Watson uses reusable blanket wrapping and 100% recycled honeycomb cardboard for any needed protection while shipping. By using recycled wood and paper products we both reduce our waste and our consumption of new materials.

Office Furniture from Recycled Materials

The art of making the perfect product is all in the details. By ethically sourcing materials and focusing on recyclability and re-use, Watson is striving constantly to build products that are not only good for our clients, but good for the earth.

Strategic sourcing involves analyzing all parts of the supply chain. By choosing to source materials from suppliers that also have a strong understanding of corporate social responsibility, Watson is promoting respect for human rights and our environment from start to finish.

Quality materials lead to quality products. Selecting materials that are recycled and recyclable has given Watson the reputation of producing long-lasting office furniture. By using non-toxic, durable materials Watson is rebelling against the fast fashion mentality that has started consuming the furniture industry. Instead of making products that need to be replaced often with daily use, Watson’s furniture is built to last.

Watson products are SCS Air Quality Certified, which ensures the highest level of air quality responsibility. Mass produced furniture is often made using toxic materials that are then easily released into the air polluting our world both inside the office and outside. Conscious, sustainable furniture companies, build with non-toxic materials, allowing for cleaner, healthier office air.

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Changing the World, one Desk at a Time

Sustainability has been a founding principle of the Watson company since the start back in 1965. Watson’s awareness of the world and its future makes sustainable, environmentally friendly office furniture a pleasure to shop for!

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