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Elevating Workstations with Edison: We Can (And Should) Have Nice Things

We've all experienced it—the tranquility that washes over us in a thoughtfully designed library or the burst of creativity we feel when scrolling past a chic work café on social media. Despite being surrounded by inspiring spaces, the workstation, where many of us clock most of our in-office hours, frequently lacks these enriching atmospheric elements. While there may be practical constraints on the types of furniture suitable for a desk (sorry, that plush sectional adorned with a mountain of throw pillows probably won't make the cut), this doesn't mean workstations should be devoid of character.

In today's work landscape, whether fully remote, in-office, or a hybrid of both, crafting inspiring workstations has become essential for nurturing well-being and maximizing performance. So, how do we transfer the ambiance and wellness benefits of these dreamy, Pinterest-worthy spaces directly to our daily workstations? With Edison – you can create unique and engaging environments that support individuals without eclipsing team needs to promote productivity and wellness for permanent and hybrid workers. 

So, how does Edison specifically incorporate ambiance and wellness into workstation design? One way is with integrated, purposeful accessories.

Planter Boxes 

Image 01
Edison’s rail-mounted planter boxes can be specified to run part or the entire rail section.

Incorporating greenery into workstation design transcends mere visual appeal. Plants not only enhance air quality but also elevate emotional well-being. Integrated planter boxes serve as a convenient conduit for nature, breathing life into individual desks and collaborative spaces. Moreover, these planter boxes can also serve a dual purpose: enhancing privacy without giving an area a stifling or claustrophobic feel.

Quality Lighting

Image 02
The Neighborhood Light includes USB-A and USB-C charging ports and is continuously dimmable for individuals to control the brightness in their setting.

The role of lighting, which includes both atmospheric and task lighting, is a crucial component for creating an optimal work environment. Integrated lighting solutions serve multiple purposes: they ease task completion and contribute to a setting that's both relaxed and conducive to focus. Additionally, it's important to recognize that light affects people differently in color and intensity. Offering dimmable, user-controlled lighting allows individuals to customize their experience to their comfort and needs. Modern lighting solutions can also include additional features, such as extra charging ports for personal items, providing even more control and convenience. All these elements combine to form a lighting environment that's functional and significantly enriches the workspace experience.

The Standard Array (But Upgraded)

eCloud9Open-001_2024_ Final2
Tools like pencil holders and paper trays clip directly into rail screens or work shelf slots.

While elements like personal storage, shelving, and privacy screens are often regarded as standard features in workstations, their design and functionality shouldn't be taken for granted. In fact, when thoughtfully selected and optimized, these elements can make a substantial difference in a workspace’s atmosphere and utility.

Take privacy screens, for example. Not only can they be designed to improve feelings of security and open office acoustics, but they can also serve as versatile canvases for notes, messages, or spur-of-the-moment brainstorming if constructed from marker board material. These multi-functional screens can easily integrate into various parts of the workstation—whether on a desk, as part of a workbench, or mounted on a power delivery rail.

Image 04
Mix and match rail-mounted accessories to create personable, considered environments.

Moreover, these screens can be enhanced with tailored accessories like hooks, pencil cups, or personal shelves to add functionality right to your fingertips. Whether it's a designated spot for hanging a bag or a handy shelf for quick-access items, optimizing these elements can transform a standard workstation into a personalized, efficient, and comfortable work environment.

This Fall: The Edison Collection is Expanding  

Image 05
Unify your floorplan with accessories like the Neighborhood Light and planter box, which work across the Edison Rail and Edison Workbench.

In addition to our groundbreaking, bendable Edison Rail system, we are launching the Edison Workbench in the Fall of 2023 – packed with accessories, and configurable features that will make users feel engaged, comfortable, and inspired.

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