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Our Top 5 Highlights from NeoCon, Looking to 2024

Our best NeoCon yet. This year's NeoCon has been a remarkable journey filled with achievements and exciting moments worth celebrating. We kicked off with the launch of an impressive lineup of versatile and carefully crafted products, designed to meet diverse office needs seamlessly. To enhance our storytelling, we completely redesigned our showroom, creating an immersive backdrop that allowed us to showcase the seamless blend and flow of our office solutions. As we reflect on this incredible show, here are the top three highlights that encapsulate the essence of our NeoCon experience.

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1. Launching the Award-Winning Tonic Collection

Amidst the resounding success of NeoCon, we are thrilled to announce that our Tonic Collection has achieved a trifecta of industry recognition. The collection, an embodiment of our commitment to exceptional design and functionality, was honored with the prestigious HiP award for Office Furniture Systems, presented by Interior Design Magazine. This recognition validates the meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful approach that went into creating the Tonic Collection. Furthermore, our Tonic Work Table garnered a silver Best of NeoCon award in the category of Tables: Communal, a testament to its ability to foster collaboration and create an inviting and functional alternative work setting. Adding to the collection's triumph, the Tonic Workbench also claimed a silver Best of NeoCon award in the Enhancements to Furniture Systems category, solidifying its position as a versatile and transformative workspace solution. These three remarkable accolades showcase the unwavering dedication and innovation that define the Tonic Collection.

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2. Igniting Curiosity and Creativity

We had the pleasure of witnessing the excitement and curiosity of visitors as they interacted with our newly launched designs. It was a highlight to see individuals engaging, asking questions, and exploring the intricacies of each product. But what truly amazed us was watching them discover our long-standing offerings from our catalog as if they were brand new. Their positive curiosity served as a testament to our creations' timeless appeal and enduring quality. It was gratifying knowing that our furniture has the power to spark inspiration and transform workspaces into environments that foster productivity and creativity. NeoCon reminded us of the impact we can make, and we look forward to continuing our journey of crafting exceptional pieces that captivate and inspire.

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3. Explore Our Redesigned Showroom with our 3D Showroom Experience

In a recent Q&A session with the minds behind our redesigned NeoCon showroom, we gained fascinating insights into the thought process and vision that brought the space to life. The team shared their inspiration for creating a showroom that reflects our office solutions’ seamless flow and versatility.

With careful attention to detail, they crafted an immersive environment that allows visitors to experience the essence of our products firsthand. If you missed the opportunity to explore the physical showroom, fear not, as we have captured the magic through a remarkable 3D showroom experience using Matterport technology. Now, anyone can step into our virtual showroom and witness the fusion of form and function that defines our furniture solutions. With just a few clicks, you can navigate through the virtual space, admiring the curated displays and envisioning your own workplace possibilities.

4. A Sneak Peek at Three Forthcoming Products

We unveiled a glimpse into the future of workspace solutions by showcasing designs in development that promise to revolutionize the way we work. The Mastermind Collection, an exceptionally flexible and original set of conference and meeting tables blend sleek aesthetics with advanced features to foster collaboration and inspire creativity. Visitors also saw the Essential Office, which embodied a holistic approach to design and functionality that seamlessly integrates technology, well-being, and efficiency - at an attractive price point. Adding to the experience was unveiling the Edison Workbench, a versatile and ergonomic workstation intended to help aid workplaces that encounter shifting density and don't want to compromise on quality. As these products approach their release by the end of this year, anticipation builds, fueling the excitement surrounding the future of work.

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Desigs in Development

5. Reconnecting with Our Amazing Community

NeoCon is an influential event where we connect with thousands of members from the A&D community, including colleagues, past clients, talented designers, and other remarkable members of our industry. Seeing the enthusiasm and passion that filled the showroom as individuals engaged in meaningful conversations, and exchanged ideas was heartening. The enriching nature of the whole experience was palpable, as we witnessed the power of collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. Moreover, it was a heartwarming moment to reconnect with familiar faces and strengthen existing relationships. NeoCon 2023 reminded us of the importance of face-to-face interactions and the invaluable insights from being physically present. Reflecting on this unforgettable experience, we feel inspired and motivated to continue pushing the boundaries of what we can make when we work together.

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