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Press: Destination Workstation. Introducing Zo Office from Watson Furniture

Read all about Watson's latest product release, Zo Office

Watson Furniture continues to do what they’re great at: designing high-quality office furniture that helps people do their best work. Combining function, customization, and efficiency, Zo Office is a versatile, multifaceted collection that defines team neighborhoods, establishes individual focus zones, and supports private and shared office environments. Intentionally designed to be inviting and scalable to all project sizes and budgets, Zo Office emphasizes Watson’s commitment to helping make where people work a place worth going to.

eZoOffice_001_Heatmap_WindowCorner (2)
Zo Office Run-Off Desks configured with privacy screens and addition Zo Storage

Designing Zo Office

“We get a bit obsessed with refining,” Lucas Pearl, VP of Product Development at Watson, said.
“Furniture is all we think about, so it’s hard not to look at our products and think, ‘How else can our
customers use this, and what else are they asking for? How does this cooperate with other products we offer?’ Zo Office is a perfect example of how something new evolves from looking at what we’re already proud of and asking those questions.”

Initially, Zo Office was inspired by another of Watson’s height-adjustable workstations with integrated storage, Tia, which was intended primarily for private offices. Since Tia launched in 2018, it has remained one of the company's top sellers. Over the years, they received requests to customize and modify Tia, which influenced the development of Zo Office. Pearl elaborated, “We wanted a product as beautiful and functional as Tia but offered a wider selection of storage options while appealing to a broader range of budgets.” As they progressed, Watson’s design team introduced existing Zo storage offerings, transforming the product into an intuitive solution for various applications. 

eZoOffice_001_Heatmap_Backwall (2)
Zo Office arranged against a wall, with Zo Overhead Storage

Featuring fixed-height and height-adjustable workstations with a range of integrated and add-on storage, Zo Office is fundamentally a set of building blocks that can be configured to support neighborhoods for teams and individuals alike. It comes in four distinct models, which dictate how a worksurface is oriented to its integrated credenza, what shape the worksurface is, and how many there are. This creates countless opportunities to design neighborhoods with highly specific use cases, position workstations against walls, and problem-solve tricky areas like narrow hallways.

About Zo Office

Perhaps the most noteworthy element of Watson’s latest product launch is what Zo Office, which is defined by the relationship between its workstation and storage, implies. Storage invites someone to put down roots by providing a reliable place to leave their notebook or their phone charger. 

Beyond cleverly concealing the height-adjustable base, designing a workstation with storage implies a refreshing permanence for industries that don’t have work-from-home or hybrid options or for employees who believe they do their best work in the office. Beyond use cases, Zo Office presents a buffet of inspiring choices for designers to play with that suit aesthetics from modern corporate interiors to fun and casual environments. Thoughtful proportions, materials, and accessories come together to create settings that feel warm, inviting, and cohesive regardless of design scheme. Through clever use of finishes, privacy screens, and how storage is positioned in relation to the worksurface, Zo can further be customized to differentiate work modes in activity-based layouts or define specific teams and departments. 

Zo Office can be seen in Watson’s Seattle showroom and will be featured in their Chicago showroom during NeoCon 2024. More information about Zo Office and Watson’s other products can be found at

About Watson

Watson has been designing and building furniture for the forward-thinking office for almost 60 years.
Built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Poulsbo, Washington, Watson products are responsibly
sourced and focused on timeless and functional design. Explore Zo Office today. 

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