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Press: Watson Furniture Unveils the Mastermind Collection – Shaping the Conference and Meeting Landscape

Watson Furniture, a leading U.S. commercial furniture manufacturer, is excited to introduce Mastermind, its latest advancement in meeting and conference table solutions. The collection embodies the significance of the physical workplace as a center for human connection and collaboration, emphasizing the belief that intentional gathering is more crucial than ever. Mastermind is invaluable for those envisioning the office as a destination, blending intelligent engineering, thoughtful materials, and extensive configurability to shape inspiring spaces.

970 Watson Mastermind Primary Image  (1)
A selection of tables from Watson’s Mastermind Collection that demonstrate its broad range of applications and styles.

"With Mastermind, we've operated on the core belief that exceptional furniture doesn't just fill a space—it enhances it," said Lucas Pearl, VP of Product Development at Watson. "We understand that designers are artists of the work environment, and believe that Mastermind, which encompasses an astounding range of possible table configurations, will spark ideas and give them new tools to solve problems like space restrictions, challenging architecture, and more.”

Evolving from a strategic partnership with Sedus, Watson adapted the German manufacturer’s original designs and launched Mastermind with U.S. standard sizing, new materials, finishes, power options, and accessories—all expertly crafted in their U.S.-based headquarters. Though the collection features a sophisticated blend of exceptional materials and options, its core lies in its intelligently designed foundational element – a universal leg bracket system used across all its tables. Defined by a single aluminum cast element with five mounting points, this system was carried over from Sedus’ initial designs. It is the key to the collection’s versatility, as it enables the creation of tables with unique shapes and sizes. Additionally, using just one component simplifies the installation and assembly processes, resulting in significant time and resource savings

Watson Mastermind Second Image

The collection's four unique products - Mastermind Tables, Mastermind Conference, Mastermind System, and Mastermind Flow - all showcase a timeless aesthetic, achieved through simple forms and the consistent use of a lightweight, tapered leg design across all tables, unifying the collection and creating cohesion when multiple products are used across a floorplan.

Mastermind Tables adapt to the tone and the task at hand, with versatile surface shapes and heights that cater to various interaction styles, from formal to casual.

Mastermind Conference tables come in many engaging surface shapes, support integrated technology, and can support a 12-foot table span on only four legs.

Mastermind System tables follow a starter-adder-ender logic and can be configured in many ways to fit any space but shine in training environments, hybrid meeting rooms, and boardrooms.

Watson Mastermind Third Image

Mastermind Flow tables are perfect for expansive, shared spaces, communal creative areas, and environments that simultaneously support connection and individual work. The unique top shape guides the angle of interactions so multiple small groups can meet simultaneously at the same table without crowding each other.

The Mastermind Collection can be seen in Watson’s Seattle and Chicago showrooms and is designed to be as dynamic as the businesses it serves. It reflects Watson’s belief that high-quality products can help shape spaces that inspire and support those who use them.

About Watson

Watson has been designing and building furniture for the forward-thinking office for almost 60 years. Built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Poulsbo, Washington, Watson products are responsibly sourced and focused on timeless and functional design. You can see the entire Mastermind Collection and find more information here

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