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Press: Watson introduces new work tools collection at NeoCon, paves the way for dynamic work environments

This year, Watson Furniture's NeoCon showroom highlighted their dedication to creating high-quality furniture designed to help people do their best work in the office. Additionally, their space celebrated new launches that will diversify Watson’s product portfolio. They emphasized the office remains a vital part of modern professional life, serving as a hub for building culture, sharing ideas, and supporting individual focus and growth. Every corner of their showroom displayed products reflecting this core belief, embodying quality, timeless design, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Alle web 2
From left to right: Allé Mobile Planter, Sofa and Sofa Single, C9 Table, and Haven Laptop Table

"The way we work is constantly evolving and varies from person to person. In today's dynamic environments, people need spaces that foster both productivity and creativity, allowing them to freely explore and develop their thoughts and ideas. This is really at the core of our latest collection Allé," Lucas Pearl, Watson’s VP of Product Development, said. He highlighted that creating adaptable workspaces is crucial for supporting diverse working styles and enabling individuals to perform at their best in an ever-changing professional landscape.

Visitors to Watson’s showroom, located in suite 341 of THE MART, saw firsthand how Allé blends across Watson’s existing products to seamlessly integrate yet also create distinctive settings. The freedom of versatility is epitomized within the collection. It features lightweight yet durable products designed to help inspire opportunities to collaborate and aid productivity in flexible working environments.

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The Edison Workbench

The Allé Collection is comprised of intuitive work tools such as a mobile monitor wall with a tackable back, soft conversational seating, stackable stools, tables, a mobile planter, and more. These elements adapt to any space, promoting flexibility and movement. The design encourages individuals to arrange and rearrange their workspace to suit their needs, whether for thinking, meeting, or creating, fostering an environment that supports dynamic and agile work practices.

Initially seen alongside the launch of Watson’s Mastermind Collection last year, which features intelligently designed conference and meeting tables, Allé is another outcome of the continued partnership between Watson and German furniture manufacturer Sedus. This collaboration has combined their shared design philosophies, and mutual passion for manufacturing and clever engineering, resulting in a collection that exemplifies both companies' commitment to quality and functionality. Allé builds on the success of Mastermind, offering new solutions that enhance flexibility and adaptability in the modern workspace.

Allé will be available to order this fall, and individuals can see both it and Watson’s NeoCon showroom through a self-guided showroom tour.

Image #3 - the Allé Monitor Wall, Meet Table, and Mobile Planter Wall
From left to right: Allé Mobile Planter, Mobile Monitor Wall, Meet Table, and Hoppers

About Watson

Watson has been designing and building furniture for the forward-thinking office for almost 60 years. Built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Poulsbo, Washington, Watson products are responsibly
sourced and focused on timeless and functional design.

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