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Shared and Occasional Spaces

Embrace opportunities to create intentional experiences for people in every corner of the workplace. Make the office a community hub by offering spaces for casual conversations that enrich workplace culture, or build nooks for relaxing, quiet recuperation to let individuals regroup and recharge.

Haven Recharge Bench

Create an inviting setting in a compact footprint. The simple and agile design adds a moment of comfort for people in transition or on the go. The rounded, upholstered seating surfaces are islands that draw people in from both sides. Often missing in bench seating, the subtle separation between the two seats provides a feeling of personal space.

Haven Laptop Table

The Laptop Table's support column has a flat front face that blends well with any architecture and a rounded back which softens spaces. The ergonomic angle of the support column creates a comfortable space for your legs while keeping the table surface close.

C9 Meeting Tables

Fusing function and beauty, C9 Meeting Tables work across the office with a slender profile that fits neatly into the modern aesthetic of today’s working spaces. Wherever teams gather, the fixed-height tables can handle seated, counter, and bar-height work with plenty of power options.

Miro Meeting Tables

With their clean, industrial style, variety of dimensions, and extensive palette of finishes, these compatible-by-design tables carry a modern aesthetic throughout your workspace, studio, or meeting room. The design details like the steel leg’s hand-mitered edge bring an elevated sense of style - and when specified with casters - people can take that style on the go.

Haven Perch Table

Haven Perch's narrow and compact design adds functionality to currently unused and under-utilized spaces. It creates an inviting setting in a compact footprint and is perfect for transitional places like cafes, lobbies, and periphery spaces.

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