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The Reimagined Tonic Collection

Watson Furniture to unveil the Reimagined Tonic Collection at NeoCon 2023, introducing new standard products and refining the line’s existing offerings to create a versatile set of solutions for the modern office landscape.

Watson Furniture is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its reimagined Tonic Collection. Originally designed in partnership with the industrial design duo Mike & Maaike in 2012, the reimagining of this product line was led by Rachel Whitaker, Watson's lead industrial designer. Her team's efforts have affirmed that Tonic remains beautiful, relevant, and will evolve in step with people and their environment.

Tonic addresses the need for versatility in modern workspaces and invites users to explore and engage with their environment. The emphasis is on choice, allowing individuals and teams to decide how their collaborative and individual work areas function day-to-day. All of this is housed within designs that are both functionally and visually relevant for the foreseeable future.

Tonic is designed to work across a broad range of work styles and applications, supporting a spectrum of tech and power needs from light to heavy, while providing users with options for where and how they work. The collection includes updated accessories, conference tables, and single-sided components, offering increased flexibility and versatility for designers, facilities, and end-users.

Tonic Hero

This launch introduces versatile new products to the line as well as enhancements to the collection’s existing pieces. The Tonic Workbench, an iconic product for Watson Furniture and now features dual and single-sided benching that is available in seated and standing heights, updated, modular accessories, and simplified assembly. This launch also introduces two new standard products; the Tonic Conference Table and the Tonic Work Table. Both grant more application flexibility, support a spectrum of power and data needs, and bring unity across an expansive floor plan. Watson has refined the line's multi-purpose tables - including optional drop-in power, updated accessories, and a new standing height option. The reimagined Tonic Collection still includes its iconic mobile storage elements, the Tonic Trolley and Stash.

"We are excited to bring the reimagined Tonic Collection to our customers," Rachel Whitaker said. "Our Product Development team has done an exceptional job at expanding and refining Tonic while preserving its core essence, resulting in a collection that is thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and well-being in the modern workplace.

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Watson specializes in manufacturing commercial office furniture and is committed to quality, sustainable, and user-centric design. Watson's products are used by a broad range of clients to enhance work environments and promote productivity and collaboration.

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