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The Tonic Collection – Creating A Versatile Workplace Foundation

Discover the benefits of this expansive collection of workplace furniture solutions designed for the ebb and flow of modern office environments.

In a world of constant change, where the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: we are committed to designing furniture that meets the ever-shifting blend of styles, cultures, and challenges that people face.

Whether designing for hybrid work modes, fully in-office staff, hoteling, hot-desking, or changing workplace densities, we recognize the need for versatile solutions. Our goal is to create products that not only adapt to the demands of today but also remain functionally and visually timeless, ensuring their relevance for whatever the future holds.

This year, we had the opportunity to reimagine and expand our renowned Tonic Collection. Each product in this collection stands out for its reliable versatility, offering solutions for ever-evolving spaces and creating environments that truly work for people, rather than simply being places where people work.

Tonic Workbench – One System, Endless Possibilities

Tonic dual and single-sided
Single-sided Tonic Workbench (left) with privacy screen infill components. Dual-sided Tonic Workbench (right) with privacy screens and cube box infill components.

The Tonic Workbench stands as a testament to versatility in modern work environments, offering a flexible benching system that effortlessly adjusts to the pace and requirements of the contemporary workplace. With its functional and modular accessories and infill components, the Tonic Workbench has become a customizable hub that caters to individual needs.

The center deck of the Workbench can be tailored by selecting from a range of modular infill components, such as the Neighborhood Light and fabric screens, allowing users to create a personalized workspace that suits their preferences.

Dual-sided Workbenches utilizing various infill components, accessories, and end conditions

Whether opting for a single or a dual-sided configuration, the Tonic Workbench provides ample flexibility. Single-sided configurations support various infill components, including flat, pallet, fabric screen, and acrylic screen options, allowing users to curate their settings to pivot between individual or team-based work. 

To cap the Workbench, various end segments are available to integrate with the overall design. For those seeking optimal storage solutions, dual-sided configurations with select storage ends offer a clutter-free workspace, promoting organization and efficiency.

Discover Your Perfect Workbench

Tonic Work Table – Why Choose Between Work and Play?

Work Table Library
Two seated-height Tonic Work Tables featuring Neighborhood Light accessories

The Tonic Work Table seamlessly integrates into modern workplaces, serving as a vital addition that empowers individuals to explore and choose their preferred place for informal gatherings or formal work, even as their preferences evolve throughout the day. The Tonic Work Table seamlessly integrates into modern workplaces, serving as a vital addition that empowers individuals to explore and choose their preferred place for informal gatherings or formal work, even as their preferences evolve throughout the day. It caters to a range of work scenarios, from impromptu touch-down meetings to serendipitous encounters, swift phone calls, and all-day drop-in sessions. By creating an inviting and usable space away from traditional desks and formal meeting rooms, the Tonic Work Table fosters productivity and collaboration with ease.

Work Table Planter
The Planter Box accessory allows designers to incorporate biophilia intentionally

With its intuitive range of options and customizable features, the Tonic Work Table offers a curated solution that precisely matches your workspace design. From a number of useful accessories to in-surface power access and a range of widths, depths, and heights to choose from, the tables give users flexibility for their specific requirements.

Because the Tonic Work Table operates on single-circuit power, it’s easy to install (just plug it in!) and move in the future – without needing an electrician. By carefully selecting accessories, incorporating in-surface power access, and customizing the dimensions to suit the space, designers can craft a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with the unique needs of the workspace while maintaining a visually timeless look.

Explore the Tonic Work Table

Tonic Conference Tables – A Better Meeting Landscape

Tonic Conference Table
Tonic Conference Table at seated height with in-surface power

Embodying the collection’s aesthetic, Tonic Conference Tables proudly showcase the signature visual language characterized by their angled legs and distinctive silhouette. These tables offer a wide range of height options and sizes, providing flexibility to meet diverse space requirements. To optimize convenience and productivity during meetings and conferences, Tonic Conference Tables offer optional in-surface power solutions from Watson's standard meeting and conference selection. This ensures seamless power access precisely where it's needed since power can be added to one or all sections of the table.

Tonic Conference Tables ISO
Tonic Conference Tables include a generous range of widths, heights, and depths.

Whether needing a one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece top configuration based on selected dimensions, the Tonic Conference Tables adapt effortlessly to accommodate diverse space layouts. An optional cable tray is available for effective wire management for heavier cabling. Moreover, the Tonic Conference Tables are available in three heights - standing, counter, and seated - catering to different preferences, diverse applications, and multiple meeting styles.

Explore Tonic Conference Tables

Tonic Tables – A Table for Every Occasion

Tonic Table

Tonic Tables embody the perfect blend of simplicity, craftsmanship, and functionality. These versatile tables make a reliable and visually appealing addition to a variety of settings, from cafés and meeting rooms to common areas and work lounges. With their meticulous design, Tonic Tables offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into any space.

Tonic Tables Iso
Tonic Table with media mount accessory(left) and Tonic Table in round top shape (right)

Featuring square, rectangular, round, and rotating round top shapes, Tonic Tables provide a wide range of options to suit different spatial requirements and design preferences. They can be specified with drop-in power for added convenience and can even accommodate a monitor mount accessory, perfect for presenting or accommodating hybrid teams. For those seeking interactive elements, the rotating round option transforms into an interior markerboard surface, facilitating collaboration and creativity.

One of the standout features of Tonic Tables is their inset, angled legs, which not only carry forward the visual language of the Tonic Collection but also maximize seating capacity, making them efficient and space-saving. Additionally, these tables offer optional whiteboard surfaces, providing a versatile workspace for spontaneous brainstorming and idea-sharing.

Discover Tonic Tables

Tonic Storage – Stow and Go

Tonic Storage
Tonic Stash (left) and Tonic Trolley (right) underneath the Tonic Workbench

Tonic Storage presents a refreshing alternative to traditional personal storage solutions.

The Tonic Trolley stands out as a useful storage piece with its clever design, featuring multiple compartments, a sliding top, and an open cell for convenient storage. Its sleek look, complemented by powder-coated metal accents, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also allows for branding or the addition of vibrant pops of color, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the workspace.

For those with limited space or working in dense, open-plan environments, look no further than Tonic Stash. With its slim footprint, the Stash offers a stylish and clutter-free work environment, catering to individuals with lighter storage needs.

Tonic Stash

The compact outer dimensions of both the Tonic Trolley and Tonic Stash make them the ideal companions for high-density open-plan environments, maximizing storage efficiency without compromising valuable space.

Explore Tonic Storage

The Tonic Collection – For Evolving Spaces

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