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The Visual Journey of C9 at NeoCon 2019

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Each year, Watson attends NeoCon to launch their most progressive office furniture design systems to the world. Held every June at The Mart in Chicago since 1969, NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation—offering ideas and introductions that shape the future of design.

This year, in collaboration with Mohoni Studio, Watson proudly launched C9 - a unique desk system focused on a balance between spaciousness and privacy, and designed to support the individual at their workstation.

The Neocon Showroom

Offices are traditionally designed to fit a physical space rather than serving the needs and day-to-day habits of the people who work there. To solve this problem, our focus at the NeoCon 2019 showroom was on our newest desk and workstation - C9 - and what we term “General Density”. With the intention of serving people who work best at their desks, this workstation breaks free from the traditional, linear planning that has dominated offices of the past. C9 creates a new take on open office plans, with attention still placed in privacy and focus.


Reds, whites, blacks, greys, and creams were the dominant colors for our office design, helping to enliven a modern and clean aesthetic. Instead of offering people a place to escape the open office, our team looked to improve the place where people really get things done: their workstation.

Wanting to showcase the agile nature of the C9 workstation, we carefully set up articulating rail segments - commonly known as pods - that bend from zero-to-ninety degrees in either direction.

C9 departs from the restrictions of traditional linear planning - bending space, improving sightlines and helping people to flow more organically. Within each pod system, C9 incorporates the most beautiful desk created by Danish design-engineer, Morten Nikolajsen.

Height adjustable with just a push of a button, users can adjust the C9 desk quickly and easily.


C9 Desk Wins NeoCon Gold Award in Height-Adjustable Desk

Our C9 Desk took two years to design and celebrates a European aesthetic that is purposeful and minimal. A finely engineered steel frame supports pendant storage and privacy screens to create an essential sense of place. Every material used in the creation of this desk was 85% regionally sourced, PVC-free, contained 94% recyclable components, and upholds the standards of Watson’s practical environmentalism.

Watch Morten from Mohoni Studio explain his philosophy on building a more modern height-adjustable desk focused on sustainability and green materials.

C9 Rail Wins NeoCon Gold Award for Furniture Solutions

The C9 Rail is a foundation upon which to build the perfect office solution, and offers a different kind of landscape for office design. Modular by nature, planter boxes, privacy screens, team tables, and neighborhood light define workstations while creating an open and agile space for team members.

C9 lets designers and planners create unique layouts tailored to the specific needs of a given individual and team. With up to 90 degrees of articulation, C9’s rail system can fit in virtually any office setting. These workspace pods can be mirrored, daisy-chained, flipped, rotated, and repeated to create office environments that feel familiar, yet distinctly different. The modularity of the C9 system allows organizations and people to adapt to change without disruption or a loss of momentum. C9 bends space to people, not the other way around, to build a more human office.

Watch Ethan Pearl, lead designer for C9 rail, speak about his inspiration for solving the dissatisfaction from the open work space.

C9 Storage Wins NeoCon Silver Award for Desk Accessories


Defining your own sense of space without cluttering the work environment requires a unique perspective on storage solutions. Ethan Pearl, along with our Orchard Product Innovation Studio, were able to capture the essence of the open space while solving for the storage requirements of someone at their desk.

The cart and garage that accompanies our C9 desk and rail represents an entirely new category in personal office storage. The system is part locker, part mobile ped, and part space divider. These three aspects are the ideal storage combination for the modern office worker.

The C9 Design Team

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