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Thrive Digital - Vancouver BC

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Thrive Digital is a performance marketing agency that plans, implements and optimizes online advertising campaigns seen by millions of people around the world. Thrive partnered with Bidgood + Co to design their new office space in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thrive and Bidgood selected Watson to help outfit their space. With over 56 workstations, Tonic Bench was the perfect fit in the open concept office space, while M2 desks and Zo storage were utilized in private offices and meeting rooms. Thrive’s office is currently undergoing a phase two, with additional workstations, meeting tables, storage and ancillary furniture installing this Spring.

"The Watson workstations were perfect for the open area of the office, as we were able to set up pods to allow teams to be situated next to one another and achieve that collaborative environment that was so important to us. Each workstation has a great amount of desk space so that everyone is working in a comfortable space. We added monitor arms onto each workstation to maximize the desk space, which made a huge difference. We also added trolleys to every workstation to provide storage for any personal items, without the space around them feeling cluttered," said Alexis Shuster, Director of Business Operations at Thrive.

Shown above: Tonic Benching and Tonic Trolleys

Project at a glance

Design Firm: Bidgood + Co.

Size: 7,000 sqft

Challenge: Thrive wanted to create a space that was both functional for business needs, but without compromising on design. The teams are very collaborative, so they needed an open space for collaboration, but also needed private spaces for both team and client meetings.

Solution: Thrive Digital and Bidgood + Co collaborated on a furniture layout to optimize the building's floorplate. The result is an open floorplan for workstations, to provide a more collaborative work environment, with offices and meeting rooms around the perimeter.

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Watson Products Featured: Tonic Benching, Tonic Simple Tables, Tonic Trolleys, M2 and Zo Storage

"Working with the team at Brooks Corning, Milyu and Watson through this process was amazing. Watson was able to create a product that was a perfect fit for our space. We were so happy with how the space turned out and how we were able to achieve the functionality and look that we had envisioned. We have space that we are extremely proud to call home."

- Alexis Shuster, Thrive Digital

Functionality That Doesn't Compromise on Design

Thrive wanted to make sure the new space provided a great environment for collaboration as well as space where guests and clients could be hosted comfortably. A big focus was to create balance between open space where the team could gather with easily accessible space for individual and focused team work. The offices and meeting rooms were placed around the perimeter to provide easy access from the open workstations in the center of the space. The windows along the perimeter provide great natural light and Thrive wanted to make sure they didn't lose access to that within the rest of the space.

Shown above: M2 Worksurfaces and Zo Storage

A Perfect Fit For a Variety of Needs

All of the meeting rooms and offices were different sizes with varying users' needs, so the challenge became finding a way to achieve a consistent look and style across the different sized rooms, while also meeting a variety of needs in terms of seating, access to power, etc. Watson's Tonic Simple Tables were a great solution, as the inset legs provide 360 degree seating to maximize seating capacity. And Watson's ability to create customized sizes allowed the team to create a unified aesthetic while fitting the unique dimensions of each room.

Shown above: Tonic Simple Tables

Learn more about the design firm, Bidgood + Co.

Photography by: Upper Left Photography

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