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VSP Global Offices – NYC

For their new Manhattan location, VSP Global, one of the world’s leading eyewear and eye care providers, tasked Kostow Greenwood Architects to design their NYC innovation lab that focuses on developing technologies for the physical and digital aspects of eyewear and eye care. Kostow Greenwood designed the space to meet the demands of a team of creative entrepreneurs and to push the boundaries of industrial design and alternative manufacturing as they revolutionize the eyewear industry.

  • Specifier: Kostow Greenwood Architects
  • Watson Representative: Levine Contract Furniture Group
  • Size: 22,000 sq ft
  • Spaces:

    Open Plan, Meeting Spaces

  • Product Collections:

    Tonic, Seven

Open Collaboration With Clearly Defined "Me" and "We" Spaces

The Shop East at VSP Global is a workplace designed to encourage innovation within an organized work environment. The intent was to maintain an open collaborative space, while simultaneously defining zones for different types of work for teams and individuals. In order to achieve their goals, VSP Global selected Meadows Office Interiors to work with Kostow Greenwood to advise on a furniture program, moveable walls, and layout for the new space.


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