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Preparing to thrive in the next normal and beyond.

The C9 collection of office furnishings is perfect for a changing world. Designed from the ground up with the needs of human workers at the center of its ethic, C9 offers unprecedented flexibility and functionality, understated visual grace, instinctual comfort, and safer office environments.

Our designers explored enclosures and open spaces for insights on how individuals and teams work best. The result? A collection of innovative and aesthetically pleasing pieces that ditch the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning. C9’s revolutionary articulating power rail facilitates unlimited angular configurations that provide separation without seclusion, enlarge personal space, improve sightlines, and seamlessly blend functional areas. Pushbutton height control, freestanding personal storage that moves, and an array of privacy options all contribute to the organic flow and dynamic nature of the C9 office.


Watson C9: The Human Office

The agility of the C9 system allows offices to adapt without impact. Scale density up or down without the necessity of reconfiguring power, voice, and data infrastructure. C9's bending rail unlocks configurations that give teams more distance and a variety of orientations, creating space, a sense of security, and privacy. Read more about the revolutionary C9 rail from its award-winning team.



Bend the rail

Bending the rail allows designers to create safe, smart, unconventional spaces. The pivot of the rail transforms roadblocks into design opportunities to bend and flex configurations in unique ways.

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