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Ethan Pearl finds design inspiration within nature, drawing from naturally occurring patterns, a desire to sustain the Earth we live on, and a curiosity about how people live and work.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ethan’s connection with the environment began early, followed by the beginnings of his design career during his internship at Watson while in college.

His role at Watson expanded to Lead Industrial Designer, as he led product design initiatives at the company for five years. Ethan’s bio-mimetic approach to design aims to solve complex problems with clean and simple product solutions driven by beauty, technical acuity, and empathy.

Curiosity about people, what makes their work fulfilling, and a desire to help them realize they are supported by design, are at the core of this work. Combining concepts within engineering, chemistry, and biology, Ethan emphasizes the role of intentionality, focused on simple designs which keep the end-user’s daily experience in mind.

Ethan prefers to be involved in every step of the design, development, and production elements when creating a finished product. He brings his concepts to life through modeling technologies and prototypes, visualizing the final product as he moves through the design process.

In a testament to his approach are awards garnered for several products designed for Watson, including Tia in 2018 which won a Best of Neocon Gold Award, followed by the C9 system in 2019, which won three Best of Neocon awards and two European Product Design Awards.

Pushed by his tenacity for solving complex, difficult problems, Ethan is set on a lifelong pursuit of designing products that keep the needs of customers and the sustainability of the Earth’s resources, at the forefront of his work.


"If we are not careful, this ease to produce will result in an exponential increase in useless things. In products that clutter our lives and waste our resources. However, good design offers another path."

Ethan Pearl, Designer
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