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Driven by curiosity and guided by empathy for the end user, Ethan thrives on difficult challenges. He grew up on Bainbridge Island in the Pacific Northwest which fuels his passion for design that treads lightly upon the Earth. He shares this belief with Watson where he was the lead industrial designer for 5 years, winning multiple product awards during that time. 

Cardboard Dreams

During his time as Lead Industrial Designer at Watson, Ethan Pearl was in charge of bringing ideas to life, whether through sketching, computer modeling or handcrafting physical prototypes. Ethan’s career at Watson started as a summer college internship helping with a variety of tasks, including as the self-appointed “VP of Cardboard Engineering,” due to his many cardboard prototypes. Ethan had taken lead on several high-profile product launches, including Tia in 2018, winning a Best of Neocon Gold Award, followed by the C9 system in 2019, which won three Best of Neocon awards and two European Product Design Awards. 

Ethan is a trail runner, backpacker, rock climber, and mountaineer. He has hiked two-thirds of the Pacific Crest Trail and ran his first Ultra marathon this year.


"With advances in technology, manufacturing is getting easier and easier. If we are not careful, this ease to produce will result in an exponential increase in useless things. In products that clutter our lives and waste our resources. However, good design offers another path. By being thoughtful and intentional we can design products that help us live better with less… That’s my hope for design."

Ethan Pearl, Watson Product Development
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