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At Watson, we are lucky to collaborate with talented designers who push us to reevaluate our own capabilities and solutions. It is up to us, the Watson team, to nurture, challenge and execute these ideas, ensuring the products live up to Watson’s values

Having a good idea is one thing, manufacturing it, and creating a functional, beautiful, and responsible piece of furniture is something else entirely. Watson’s Product Development team works at the intersection of design and manufacturing possibilities to fulfill the designer’s vision while supporting the needs of a workplace.

Our team works through solutions in a multitude of ways, ranging from sketches and renderings to building a prototype, and making hands-on adjustments as needed. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the user and installer and getting our hands dirty for an immersive experience allows for a deeper understanding of what works and what’s missing in the user experience.

While the functionality of the product is key, being mindful of the environment through the selection of sustainable, low-impact resources, and clean manufacturing processes is fundamental to Watson’s products.

"The products we make are more than just assemblies, they become a part of our life."

Lucas Pearl, VP Product Development
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