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At Watson we are lucky to work with a variety of incredibly talented designers who push us to reevaluate our capabilities and solutions. It’s our job to nurture, challenge, and execute on their ideas to ensure the products we produce live up to Watson’s ethos. 

The Product Development team works at the intersection of product design and manufacturing possibilities. Having a good idea is one thing, manufacturing it and creating a functional, beautiful, and responsible piece of furniture is something else entirely.

How do you create a product that supports the needs of the office without detracting from the designer’s vision? Get your hands dirty and work at the scale of furniture as quickly as possible. Sketches and renderings can convey a concept, but only building a prototype allows you to walk in the shoes of a user or installer and understand the challenges they could face with the product. The team fabricates ideas in the on-site product workshop to immerse themselves in understanding the product – you’d be surprised how realistic cardboard and hot glue can look!

Function for the end user is only one piece of the puzzle. Manufacturing products consumes resources and must be done in as respectful a way as possible. It’s not enough to build a highly functional product – if it wastes raw materials, uses harmful chemicals, or puts the manufacturing team in danger, it has failed.

We are forever looking to ensure we can support people doing their best work in the office. None of it would be possible without this tight knit team of highly skilled people bringing ideas to life.

"To all of us the products we make are more than assemblies, they become part of our lives."

Lucas Pearl, VP Product Development
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