Bahn Rail

Free-standing, scalable power, voice & data for today (and tomorrow's) workspaces

bahn rail

All the power you need. Nothing you don’t.

Bahn Rail provides long-term flexibility to support change. The freestanding rail brings power, voice, and data to the workstation with limitless configurability to meet the demands of any floorplan. From light scale rail to full cable management inside the optional cable modesty, the Bahn Rail supports privacy screens in 3 material choices: whiteboard, textile, and translucent acrylic.

A Rail That Scales

The Bahn Rail integrates seamlessly alongside workstations. The modular Rail, with starter/adder logic, provides needed cable management, cable stowage, and reconfigurability. Add-on privacy screens provide space division. The Bahn Rail provides 2-duplex receptacles per user.

bahn rail scales

Configurability & Reconfigurability

Desks and worksurfaces may run parallel or perpendicular to the Bahn Rail. The freestanding components of Bahn Office work alone or together to flex with change.

bahn rail configure

Top-down leveling

Each Rail leg allows for up to 6" of top-down leveling capability with continuous leveling tilt-control foot for tricky, uneven surfaces.

bahn rail leveling

Privacy and Space Division

The Bahn Rail supports privacy and space division with 2 height options and 3 spine screen material choices: whiteboard, textile, and translucent acrylic. Aisle-ending panels are available in textile or laminate finishes and the Bahn Recycle Center provides a compact, visually appealing home to cap the end-of-run.

bahn rail privacy

Materials that Matter

Cold-rolled steel is made of 80% recycled content and is 100% Recyclable. Watson’s in-house powdercoat process emits no VOCs

bahn rail materials