Bahn Storage

Bahn Office includes a family of multi-functional credenzas, mobile storage, and end-of-run cabinets that provide personal or communal storage for open office environments.

bahn storage

Put It Away

Bahn's freestanding storage pieces provide ample concealed and secure storage for work and personal gear. Storage works alone or together with other Bahn Office components.

Bahn Mobile Credenzas and Trolley

Bahn's mobile storage provides needed flexibility to move and reconfigure the workspace without the hassle of heavy lifting. Storage sits atop Industrial casters to create a modern vibe.

bahn storage caster
bahn mobile

Bahn Side Tower

The large lockable roll-out shelf maximizes vertical space and is ideal for sit-to-stand work applications or when higher side privacy is desired.

bahn storage lockers

Thoughtful Details

Side Tower provides concealed storage for bags, coats, books, and gear. Optional USB ports provide convenience for charging devices and help keep the worksurface clear of clutter.

Bahn Lockers & Cubbies

Bahn Office includes a line of multi-functional freestanding lockers that provide communal storage for team environments.

bahn storage lockers

Easy to Plan

Use Bahn freestanding lockers to separate activity zones or at the end of a workstation run. Full-height lockers are designed for up to four users per cabinet, likewise Bahn Cubbies can accommodate up to eight users.

Locker Options

Bahn Recycle Center

The Recycle Center may be specified with or without a back panel. Panel options include upholstery, magnetic markerboard veneer or add metal, powder-coated planters to add greenery to any space. Ships with trash and recycling door labels. Holds standard 13-gallon trash bins. Planter units sized for 7" pots.

bahn recycled
bahn recycled

Bahn Work Island

Modular by nature, Work Islands are where teams go to collaborate, sketch or layout materials for review.

Work Island

Working Double Duty

Work Island modules provide a range of functional storage types from open to closed, with options for stacking, piling, filing or even recycling.

Double Duty

The Unsung Hero of the Open Plan

Bahn Work Island is a give-back to teams by providing needed central storage and useful space division.