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Edison Workbench Callout 01

Under-surface bag hook

Edison Workbench Callout 02

Optional extended connector for storage between workstations

Edison Workbench Callout 03

Accessories: Neighborhood Light, planter boxes, and screens in fabric, acrylic or markerboard finishes

Edison Workbench Callout 04

Height-adjustable from 23” to 49”

Edison Workbench Callout 05

Single and dual-sided configurations

Edison Workbench Callout 06

Power and accessory rail available with 2 or 4 duplexes per user


The Edison Workbench maximizes office space with dual or single-sided setups that can be easily reconfigured when staffing density changes. Workstations can be customized with a range of accessories, and its adjustable height, convenient power access, and adapitability make it a prime choice for facility managers and business owners who desire extra flexibility.


  • User-friendly paddle switch adjusts height from 23" to 49"
  • Optional extended connector for seamless storage integration between workstations without power or data interruption
  • Hassle-free attachment and detachment of workbenches, with a complete product at any stage of reconfiguration
  • Efficient cable routing via the power and accessory rail, complete with E-chain to feed cables up to the height-adjustable worksurface
  • Power and accessory rail options include 2 or 4 duplexes per user
  • Compatible with Edison accessories like the Neighborhood Light, planter boxes, and various screens in fabric, acrylic, or markerboard
  • Accommodates surface-mounted screens, and select tools
  • Under-surface bag hook comes standard

    Edison Workbench


    Universal Edison Accessories


    Edison Workbench Surface Mounted Screens


    Edison Workbench Optional Accessories


    Edison Workbench Finishes

    EdBench_Finishes EdBench_Finishes_MOBILE

    Surface Finishes

    Standard Laminate

    Craft Laminate

    Fenix NTM Laminate

    Forbo Linoleum




    Knife Trim


    Round Under

    90 Trim



    Camira Rivet

    Camira Synergy66


    Guilford Anchorage

    Guilford Sprite


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