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With simple lines and adaptable function, each table serves its purpose quietly and intentionally. The distinctive leg profile features a flat front face that blends well with any architecture, and the rounded back softens spaces. The foot touches the floor gently which helps to give the table a light and friendly character. The unique Round Under Edge softens the profile as if the surface is gently swept under.


  • Optional accessories offer an inviting atmosphere and biophilic elements
  • A Foot Bar is offered on standing height tables allowing a comfortable touch-point
  • Angled legs with a flat face and curved back are designed to feel light and architectural
  • Various shapes, sizes, and heights to fit any social, collaborative, or media needs
  • Create different zones within one room using an array of Haven Social Tables
  • Dual-hinge, in-surface power and data options

Haven Social Tables


Haven Social Table Accessories

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