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Bending Space: How to Build a Scalable Office

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As our work lives evolve, our office spaces need to evolve too. No longer are office designs confined to defined spaces for individual people, departments, and teams. Workspaces are moving to flexible, fluid layouts engineered to encourage team collaboration, and transitional need-based spaces.

As technology progresses and younger generations enter the workforce, office spaces must be designed with this type of scalability in mind, constantly adapting to meet business, space, and employee needs.

Benefits of an Agile Office

Scalable office spaces are living things. Providing an ever evolving array of options for work styles, autonomy, multi-purpose space, agile offices create answers for any architectural obstacle around the office.

By allowing decision-makers to break free from the confines of traditional office design, doors are opened for unique uses of space and fresh creative ideas. By creating organic work spaces, offices can push the boundaries of a traditional 6x6 cube layout, while creating extra space for collaboration areas, employee lounges, or even reduce overall office footprint. The flexibility created in this kind of workspace produces an environment that is easily adaptable for growth for companies of all sizes.

Benefits of an agile office

How to Build a Scalable Office

Scalable offices create a culture of flexibility and are able to move with a team, as opposed to confining them within a rigid space. To achieve this, design with these key points in mind:

Choose Furniture with Smart Design

Office furniture design has followed the advancement of technology. Metamorphosing from traditional and stationary to modern, mobile, and extremely flexible, smart office furniture allows spaces to live up to their creative potential.

eCloud9Open-001_2024_ Final2

Take our newest open plan workstation, C9. This work system departs from traditional linear planning, bending space and improving sightlines, to help offices flow more organically. Featuring a multitude of workstation pod choices, C9 is adjustable to fit the needs of any space.

Not only should smart design and furniture offer flexibility in office space layout, it should provide convenient, ergonomic options for users, too. The C9 desk design and a variety of other Watson desks feature sit to stand height options and customizable, modular accessories to fit the needs of different users.

Know the Needs of your Team

Know the needs of your team

Every employee works differently and with modern technology options, require their own unique workstation to increase creativity and efficiency. Offering desks that can be height adjusted along with privacy options ensure the ‘genius at the desk' can choose the best environment for their work. Of course, creating non-assigned workstations or simple touch-down areas for visitors and impromptu team meetings allows for increased agility, without taking away personal space.

Create universal touch-down areas by configuring desk pods to feature a variety of different workstation styles. Designing set areas for specific activities and allowing employees to move around as needed gets employees on their feet, increasing morale and efficiency.

Use Modular Furniture Design to Encourage Evolution

Change is inevitable in any company and although it isn’t always planned for, choosing the right furniture and office design can make transformations and adjustments a breeze.

Ensure you choose agile desk options and muti-functional table solutions when designing your office space. Modular furniture systems make rearranging and adding new desks and workstations manageable without having to completely redesign a space, while moveable storage units and height-adjustable tables create on the fly meeting spaces.

Watson At Work

Scalability is an important strategy when crafting a human-centered office space. It is critical to wellbeing to provide a varied atmosphere that supports the diversity of activities that occur throughout the day.

Watson Furniture is dedicated to providing customers with furniture designed to increase focus and comfort, reduce stress, and encourage a positive work-life balance. The ergonomic features of our made in the USA furniture line are engineered to seamlessly integrate the newest technology and office space advancements. Check out our most recent addition, C9, now available to order through your local distributor.

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