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Conference and Meeting Spaces

Our streamlined, beautiful pieces inspire teams to stay focused on the task at hand. Create spaces that encourage high-level discussion and decision making, and elevate the conference room to a place where big ideas can thrive. 

Tia Team

The go-to place for getting things done, Tia Team is the media-ready table where concepts — and collaboration thrive. With the optional monitor mount you can seamlessly share visuals and presentations with your entire team, whether they’re gathered around the table or off-site working remotely.

Tia Conference

Whether you’re hosting clients or brainstorming with your team, this height-adjustable table provides a wide surface and refined design aesthetic. Perfect for creating a wow-worthy formal space everyone can agree on. Two powered lifting columns quietly elevate the table, but it’s what happens behind the scenes that really makes an impact. In-surface dual-hinge lids provide easy access to power from either side of the table, while a built-in cable channel ensures cumbersome wiring is clearly out of sight.

Miro Meeting Tables

With their clean, industrial style, variety of dimensions, and extensive palette of finishes, these compatible-by-design tables carry a modern aesthetic throughout your workspace, from large boardrooms to meeting areas of every shape and size. Miro Meeting and Conference Table worksurfaces are available up to 24-feet long. 

Tonic Simple Tables

Whether it’s for a quick brainstorming session or an impromptu meeting, these intelligently designed tables keep collaboration top-of-mind. Tonic Simple Tables come in square, rectangular, and round shapes, with optional Media Fast display and built-in cable box. 

Haven High Low

The Haven HighLow Tables combine two heights allowing people to choose a setting to match the occasion: high for quick, casual interactions, and low for seated work sessions. The high surface easily pivots allowing it to be configured on the fly to best fit the needs of the moment. Accessories include the Neighborhood Light with USB-C and USB-A charging or a Floating Planter Tray.

    Tia Storage

    Tia's freestanding Credenza and Sideboard safely store away everything from dishware and glasses to computer equipment and personal items. The Sideboard is counter height and keeps your conference room looking stylish and clutter-free, whether you’re hosting clients or collaborating with your team. Touch-latch doors and removable, adjustable shelves are just a few of the intelligently designed elements that make Tia storage a must-have. Factor in the tech-ready AV cutouts on the back panel and you’ll quickly see what makes this storage one of a kind.

    Add secondary, stacking storage like bookshelves and lockers to tailor Tia storage to your space's unique needs. 

    Miro Storage

    Celebrating craft, Miro Storage stashes away clutter with class. From credenzas to overhead, to display towers, the surprisingly spacious interiors can be loaded with bags, books, coats, and gear, adding office organization that’s both functional and beautiful.

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