Miro Storage

Storage that steals the show.

miro storage

A Unique Approach to Functional Storage

Miro storage components are formed from a unique combination of laminate faces, powder coated steel veneers and solid wood interiors for a sound structural feel. The exposed lines of these components are remarkably thin, presenting a pleasing horizontal aesthetic and allowing a tight fit in side by side configurations.

Underdesk Storage

Compact pedestals that bring the refined look of Miro to an age old classic.

underdesk miro storage

Support Storage

Maximize workspace value by using underdesk storage to support worksurfaces.

miro support storage


Beautiful horizontal proportions and useful storage combinations for offices or meeting rooms.


Display Tower

Iconic storage units for traditional private office settings, these towers celebrate the detail of the Miro mitered triangle.

Storage Wardrobe

Compact cabinets equipped with all the hardware for suits and running gear alike.

tower wardrobe

Combination Unit

Expansive storage towers that combine compartments for outerwear as well as filing.

miro combination unit


A cut above traditional veneer storage options.

miro overhead storage

4-8-12 Storage Logic

By deviating from the conventional 6-6-12 storage logic, Miro drawer configurations establish a functional hierarchy for personal effects. The 4" top drawer is a perfect fit for desk tools while the over-sized middle drawer provides 8" for totes and packs.

miro storage shapes