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Our Top Highlights from NeoCon 2024

This year's NeoCon was nothing short of extraordinary. We had an incredible time showcasing our latest products, connecting with industry peers, and soaking up the inspiring atmosphere. Our refreshed showroom provided a stunning example of how our products blend together to create engaging settings. We believe the office remains a vital hub for culture, idea sharing, and growth. Every corner of our showroom highlighted our commitment to quality, timeless design, and meticulous craftsmanship.

While we have numerous takeaways from this year's show, here are the top five highlights from our NeoCon 2024 experience:

Edison Workbench Wins 4 Best of NeoCon Awards

There were 294 entrants to the Best of NeoCon Awards this year, and we were one of 126 awarded the honor. We’re thrilled to announce that The Edison Workbench won not one or two but four Best of NeoCon Awards in Furniture Systems, Benching, Sustainability, and Business Impact. We’re proud of our team, who brought this product to life. This win affirms what we already knew—that the Edison Workbench is one damn good product. It’s scalable, beautiful, and timeless, all at an accessible price point.

Best of NeoCon Awards-Showroom Team-2024 (1)

Edison Workbench allows our clients to plan for the future as spaces or workplace densities change over time. You can add or remove workstations at any time without additional hardware, easing the strain on facilities and allowing workplaces to provide high-quality workstations regardless of their lease cycle. This attention to function-first design helped us garner the Business Impact Award, which recognized products that were engineered to enhance business operations and environments.

Our Latest and Greatest Product Launches

It’s always a pleasure seeing show attendees interact with our collections, especially the latest product launches: Mastermind, Zo Office, and Allé mobile work tools. Each collection has its own unique set of benefits and features but are designed to complement each other in workspace environments—offering a clean design language, creative storage solutions, and work tools that can be used anywhere.

Take a Virtual Tour of our NeoCon Showroom


In a recent Q&A session with the minds behind our redesigned NeoCon showroom, we gained fascinating insights into the thought process and vision that brought the space to life. The team shared their inspiration for creating a showroom that reflects the rhythm of a modern, working office.

With careful attention to detail, they crafted an immersive environment that allows visitors to experience the essence of our products firsthand. If you missed the opportunity to explore the physical showroom or simply want to revisit your show experience, we have captured the magic with a virtual showroom tour. Now, anyone can navigate through our space from any device, admire the curated displays, learn more about the featured products, and get inspired.

Meet Allé Mobile Work Tools

Allé is not just another range of office furniture; it is the physical manifestation of evolving workspace culture. As technology enables us to rethink the traditional confines of the office, the Allé Collection introduces mobile Work Tools to address the needs of a nimble workforce. It is a commitment to freeform collaboration and functionality.

fourth image

Allé offers tools that invite collaboration, such as worktables, soft conversational seating, mobile monitor walls, and collaborative boards. From moving seating arrangements to multi-functional tables, Allé invites users to mold their surroundings to mirror their unique work styles – enhancing collaboration, brainstorming, and hands-on problem-solving.

Reconnecting with Our Amazing Community

NeoCon is a big deal. Each year we meet up with folks from the commercial interior design industry, including colleagues, past clients, talented designers, and other industry pros. It was great to see all the energy and excitement in the showroom as people had meaningful conversations and shared ideas. It was nice to catch up with familiar faces and strengthen our bonds.

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Interested in learning more about our products, or saw something in our showroom you’d love to incorporate in your next project?

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