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The Essential Desk

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Learn all about the Essential Desk, the culmination of decades designing and improving height-adjustable desks and workstations that prioritize the individual.

When considering the breadth of the modern office landscape, an individual workstation is so foundational that its impact can easily be overlooked. However, its importance can't be overstated - because it's one of the few designated areas that prioritize the needs and comforts of the individual.

Though great conversations can happen anywhere, like in designated conference rooms or during a chance meeting in the hallway, the workstation is where the ideas that stem from those encounters come into focus. Allowing a person to dock, put pen to paper, and tackle their work, makes the workstation a crucial anchor point that affords satisfaction, productivity, and well-being.

(Left) Verve Top Shape with Desk Screen. (Front) Super Ellipse Top Shape with Mobility Kit. (Back) Extended Corner Top Shape with Modesty Panel. (Right) Rectangle Top Shape with Corner Screen.

It's this appreciation for the individual worker that's fueled our determination to design products that exceed their needs and equip them with a place where they can thrive. From introducing the first 4-leg height-adjustable desk on the market with C9, to the sculptural quality of the lifting column in Tia, our years spent perfecting our craft have now led us to The Essential Desk.

The Essential Desk is the result of decades spent designing, engineering, and refining fixed-height and height-adjustable desks. Since we released our first height-adjustable offering in the early 90s (the first in the American market) and observed the obvious benefits to the individual, we never stopped chasing one fundamental question; how can we make this better?

(Left) a 1990 print piece for Flex II, an early adjustable desk from Watson. (Right) The Essential Desk, a workstation designed to fit the needs of the modern worker.

This led to a design process that consisted of many incremental improvements, each contributing to a desk that empowers people and feels as intuitive and relevant as it is timeless. The outcome is a familiar overall form. When something functions beautifully there is no need to over-complicate it for the sake of being 'innovative,' yet we've refined every individual detail to create a flexible, foundational workstation that adapts to and enhances its environment.

Height Adjustable

Though also available in a fixed-height option, it was important to us that height-adjustability be an integral part of the desk's design. The Essential Desk uses premium LINAK lifting components and comes in a standard range (27" - 43.5") and an extended range (22" - 48.5") to accommodate a more diverse set of needs and preferences.

(Left) Essential Desk at standing height. (Center) Zo Storage. (Right) Essential Desk at seated height.

Three Control Switch Options

We provide three control switch options to choose from when specifying the desk: Watson's proprietary in-surface controls, programmable paddle switch, and an advanced paddle switch with display, all with integrated Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth feature connects wirelessly to LINAK’s “Desk Control” app, giving users both flexibility and freedom. The mobile app provides wireless height-adjustability, calorie-tracking, reminders to keep workers mobile, and shows statistics of use.

Refined Surface Shapes

We offer multiple surface shapes including the rectangle, extended corner, verve, and super ellipse, allowing for a broad range of possible dimensions and customization to fit highly specific areas and use-cases.

Optimize With Accessories

Our range of accessories help define space and create additional functionality for the user. Privacy screens and modesty panels are available in a variety of materials and include corner screens and specific corner screen tools like coat hooks or a paper tray to help people keep their space organized. The Essential Desk also supports an optional personal pendant drawer to help keep surfaces clutter-free.

Edge Profiles and Finishes

Choose from a generous selection of our standard finishes and distinctive edge profiles to create the aesthetic that ties this desk to its environment.

The Foot

We designed the foot to be tapered and as low profile as possible, helping reduce visual clutter and making the desk feel light without sacrificing any stability. This discreet profile means under desk storage neatly nests in without hassle.

Anti-Collision Technology

To ensure the desk, user, and the desk's surroundings are safe and protected, we include the LINAK Desk Sensor 1, an anti-collision solution that limits material damage to the desk or to an object that could otherwise be compromised while adjusting the desk's height.

Demonstration of anti-collision technology

The Mobility Kit - Unplug The Desk

Spaces transform into agile work environments by optioning the Mobility Kit, complete with casters and a rechargeable battery pack to maintain height-adjustability while on-the-go. This is perfect for fluid teams and for those who want to reap the benefits of moving throughout their day.

From Our Product Development Team:

The Product Development team works at the intersection of product design and manufacturing possibilities. They work to ensure we can support people by providing the best tools so they can perform well in the office.

Their Favorite Feature:

Brass Inserts. We use metal-to-metal connections to make the assembly, disassembly, and reassembly process easy while strengthening the connection between disparate parts. Opting for brass connections allows for minimal damage whenever a piece needs to be broken down for any reason since the brass won't strip in the way a wood screw might. This helps ensure our product's longevity and is one of the many ways we help to honor your investment.

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