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Work Design Magazine: An Exclusive Preview of Watson Furniture’s Reimagined Tonic Collection

Watson Furniture’s Tonic collection fits seamlessly into the ever-adapting office landscape.

Watson's New Tonic Collection Features This Tonic WOrk Table Complete with new accessories
One of Watson Furniture’s recent additions to their Tonic Collection is the Tonic Work Table, pictured here with newly-available accessories; the Neighborhood Light which includes USB-C and USB-A charging ports, and the Planter Box. The design creates an inviting atmosphere that spans various work modes and settings.

The workplace is intrinsically tied to social shifts and technological innovations. Be it the introduction of cubicles impacting density, the adoption of computers and digital storage diminishing the need for physical filing space, or the considerations that led to the creation of ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable workstations, the changing workplace is nothing new. The global upheaval from the past few years simply expedited that cycle and brought new narratives to the forefront of our industry. Today, it can feel like an ever-shifting landscape where architects, dealers, designers, and manufacturers struggle to keep up with the newest trends and research. But for Watson Furniture, the focus remains unchanged; to create functional, timeless pieces that support the people who use them and will adapt alongside them as their needs and preferences evolve. This design philosophy and the importance it plays in designing for the modern office experience is apparent in the refresh of their iconic Tonic Collection.


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