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Workstation Wellness: 5 Essential Tips for Promoting Well-being in Your Workspace

Experience a transformation from fatigue to rejuvenation after hours of focused work on your projects. Imagine a workspace that enhances comfort, fosters creativity, and invigorates productivity.

eCloud9Open-001_2024_ Final2
The C9 Collections' desk and storage solutions allow users to customize their space for maximum efficiency

The impact of discomfort on productivity is undeniable. When your workspace fails to provide the necessary means to support comfort and ease, you may experience a decline in efficiency and a sense of dissatisfaction. Fortunately, organizations are recognizing the critical role that environments play in workforce productivity, leading to an expansion of available options that can transform your space into an enjoyable and highly productive place. 

To create an office that fosters inspiration and boosts overall well-being, consider implementing the following five strategies:

1. Build an Ergonomic Foundation with Height-Adjustable Furniture

Incorporating ergonomics into your office space is essential to combat workplace discomfort and potential injuries. At Watson, we prioritize simplicity and adjustability in our furniture designs, recognizing that everyone has unique needs. Our Tia Office Collection features a height-adjustable desk for private offices that accommodates individual focus and quick collaborative sessions, allowing users to customize their work surface with a simple button push.

Tia Image
Tia’s height-adjustable worksurface and integrated tech storage make it an ergonomic solution that doesn’t sacrifice beautiful design.

For individual workstations, consider the Essential Desk. With extended height adjustability, multiple control switch options, various surface shapes, an array of desk screens and accessories, and a generous selection of premium surface finishes and edge profiles, the Essential Desk is more than a place you work - it's a place that works for you.

Essential Desk Image
The Essential Desk is available in four surface shapes including rectangle, super ellipse, extended corner, and verve

2. Declutter with Workstation Organization

Is your desk a vortex where papers vanish into thin air? A well-organized workspace is vital for maintaining comfort and mental clarity. Whether you're tackling large-scale projects or smaller tasks, proper organization sets the stage for success. Here are a few suggestions on how you can work toward decluttering your space:

  • Purge, declutter, and eliminate unnecessary items. Consider embracing a "paperless" approach by printing documents only when necessary.
  • Establish distinct work zones: create a main workstation, designate an area for reference and filing, and allocate a spot for supplies.
  • Arrange frequently used items within close reach for easy access. Personal storage solutions like our C9 Cart & Garage or the Tonic Trolley exemplify the concept of convenience and versatility, offering an ideal solution for organizing personal items without cluttering your workstation.
    c9 cart & garage
    The C9 cart and garage provides ample space and options for storage
    • Implement labeling systems to facilitate long-term organization and enhance accessibility for other users.
    • Utilize desktop and drawer organizers, paper trays, and desk cradles to keep everything tidy and within reach.
    • Conquer cable chaos with a cable organizer tailored to your specific needs and workstation. You'll be amazed at the newfound space and improved aesthetics.

    Establishing order in your workspace simplifies end-of-day clean-up and sets the stage for a fresh start each morning. Imagine the satisfaction of beginning your day in a clean, stress-free environment.

    3. Make Sure You Have the Right Accessories

    Just as your car, home, and personal style are adorned with accessories, your workspace should not be an exception. Appropriate desk accessories and tools can significantly enhance comfort and efficiency throughout your workday.  

    If you don’t have a height-adjustable worksurface, having a laptop or computer stand is essential as it positions your screen at eye level helping to avoid issues around bad posture, headaches, and other health concerns. Once your screen is at the ideal height, consider investing in ergonomic peripherals, such as a mouse and wrist rest, to alleviate strain on your fingers and wrists.  

    Wireless headsets offer a valuable solution for professionals who spend a significant time on the phone. These devices allow you to maintain a comfortable, neutral position while engaging in phone conversations, enabling hands-free multitasking and reducing strain on your neck and shoulders.  

    In certain office environments, privacy can be a challenge. To safeguard your focus and concentration, privacy screens and panels provide an effective solution. At Watson, our multipurpose privacy screens are easily configurable and offer a range of surface options to cater to your specific requirements.

    4. Give Your Eyes a Break with Quality Lighting

    The power of lighting extends beyond mere illumination - it can significantly impact your mood, safety, and overall health. Insufficient lighting in your office space can lead to fatigue, irritability, and disruptions in work performance.

    Tonic Workbench
    Watson's Neighborhood Light, seen here as an accessory on the Tonic Workbench, offers 2000 lumens of LED light, USB-C and USB-A charging ports, a continuous dimmable switch, and an auto shutoff timer

    Modern offices should maximize the utilization of natural light. Light-colored walls can help reflect daylight, but supplementing your workspace with artificial lighting is essential in limited spaces. Desk lamps or sunlamps can provide the additional illumination you need. However, not all desk lamps are created equal.  

    When choosing a desk lamp, consider light intensity, ease of adjustability, size, and convenience of the on/off switch. Opting for LED bulbs is recommended due to their energy efficiency, consuming 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.  

    While proper lighting is crucial for eye protection, proactive measures are necessary to combat eye strain. Consider wearing non-prescription glasses that block blue light emitted by devices, ensuring the well-being of your eyes. Additionally, remember to take regular breaks from screen time to relieve your eyes from prolonged strain.

    5. Customize Your Workstation

    To enhance your overall comfort, consider incorporating personal elements that accent, but do not clutter, into your workspace. Adding cherished photos of loved ones or a selection of meaningful knick-knacks can create a relaxed and inviting work environment. Additionally, desk widgets like fidget toys or mini-zen gardens can infuse your space with personality, making it uniquely yours.  

    Introducing plants to your desk brings a touch of nature and contributes to a healthier work environment. Many plants have air-purifying properties, enhancing the quality of the air you breathe and reducing the sterile atmosphere often associated with workspaces.

    Edison Rail Image
    Our flexible and reconfigurable rail system, Edison, accommodates rail-mounted accessories like these planter boxes, which allow designers to incorporate biophilia into their designs mindfully.

    Let’s Imagine Your Design

    Creating a comfortable and health-conscious work environment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Start by addressing the factors that cause the most discomfort during your workday and make incremental improvements. The benefits of increased comfort extend beyond mere satisfaction, leading to heightened productivity and a noticeable decrease in the afternoon slump.

    Want to discover how Watson products can help you create mindful workspaces that promote well-being?

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