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Modern Minds creates an atmosphere of warmth.

MUSC Modern Minds in Charleston, SC is an innovative mental health and wellness center designed to create a welcoming environment that reduces stress while overcoming the stigma of mental health. They upfitted their 3400 SF existing occupied facility to create a contemporary and updated office and wellness clinic. They used C9 to create semi-private provider touch down stations, with biophilic elements to provide natural separation. The mobility of C9 storage meant that providers could move items with them throughout the day to unassigned therapy rooms. 

A Respite for a Stressful World

Carolina Contract introduced LS3P to C9 and the clean lines and contemporary aesthetic were just what they were looking for. The desire was to avoid looking like a traditional medical office and instead create a welcoming atmosphere that complemented their approach to whole being healing. LS3P selected coastal colors in homage to the Charleston, SC location, and used C9 to create a cityscape with an assortment of materials, fabric, and biophilia. They created an office with a calm, approachable feeling in the open, without looking like an open plan office. 


"The flexibility of C9 was a deciding factor - knowing that C9 could be easily adapted to changing needs and space as the practice evolves."

Michelle Pieper Hertel, Senior Interior Designer at LS3P
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