Bahn Work Island

Mobile central storage sized just right for quick stand-up team huddles.

Work Island

Working Double Duty

Never before has the workplace demanded so much choice and flexibility in the way people need to work to be their best. Dual-purpose Work Islands serve as both central storage and stand-up, collaborative meeting table between workstations or at the end of an aisle.

Super Cool and Super Modular

Choose your base, choose your storage infills and complete the Island with a heavy-duty worksurface top.

Modular Storage Infills

Work Island modules provide a range of storage types from open to closed, with options for stacking, piling, filing or even recycling.

Modular Infills

Overhanging Top

Worksurfaces may be specified with a 12" overhang on one or both ends.

Overhanging Top

Industrial Caster

Work Islands come standard with a robust 3" caster in silver finish with a dark gray rubber wheel.

Industrial Caster