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The Workstation

For any job, for any space, for anyone, our array of workstation furniture lets you design the right environment to help people succeed. From desks to benching, we offer beautifully-designed pieces to elevate the way we work.

The C9 Desk

The timeless aesthetic of the C9 Desk blends functionality with a quiet, understated beauty. Four expertly-engineered, powered legs lift the work surface, optional pendant storage, and privacy screens, and for offices looking for untethered options - include the C9 mobility kit, complete with sleek casters and rechargeable battery, to take height-adjustability on the go.

The Essential Desk

The Essential Desk is the modern workstation foundation. We know everyone's needs are different, so we designed this desk to meet them all. The extended range of height adjustability, powered by premium Linak lifting components, keeps you moving throughout your day. And with a refined silhouette, Essential doesn't compromise on beautiful design to achieve exceptional utility.

The Edison Rail

Edison is the premier power, voice, and data rail system that bends, unlocking endless layout potential. This collection of products engages users by improving sightlines and making their workstations feel more spacious, without having to sacrifice density or privacy. Easily add and angle rail segments to work with the flow of an environment, then further customize your design with a unique selection of rail-mounted work surfaces and accessories.

Tonic Benching

Tonic Benching brings collaboration, convenience, and classic style to the office. Created to be a focused workstation or quick touchdown spot for team members just popping in, this benching system gives you flexibility and freedom to work how you want.

C9 Mobile Storage

C9 storage gives individuals a place to store their belongings - whether they’re in the office full-time or just need a spot to put their things while plugging in for the day.

The C9 Cart docks into its own self-contained Garage, creating a personal workspace that stays neatly organized no matter what the day brings. The C9 Trolley brings rich functionality to mobile storage, utilizing a steel work tray that lifts up and out to reach the desk surface in one fluid motion, while functioning as an additional seat for quick desk-side discussions.

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